Friends: Promise to stay in touch

Hey everyone. How are you all… I’m ready with my next Blog Post. It is a poem for my Friends. Hope you all enjoy it… I can’t find the right words nothing is seeming to rhyme. To write something for you all I think it will take time. Because when you have friends that are […]


Follow Your Dreams

Ok let me tell you a story first. I had a friend, let’s call him Sam, since a very young age, he was a passionate photographer but he was always supposed to study, as his parents always wanted him to be a doctor. To fulfill his parent’s wish, he always used to memorize things but […]


Competition: Be In It Or Not

The world of today in the world of competition. Everyone is busy competing with each. People don’t look forward to be successful, they just want to be successful comparatively. Today people just want to go ahead of others. They don’t want to enjoy their success, but the failures of others. And in all this competition […]

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