Friends: Promise to stay in touch


Friends: Promise to stay in touch

Hey everyone. How are you all…
I’m ready with my next Blog Post. It is a poem for my Friends. Hope you all enjoy it…

I can’t find the right words
nothing is seeming to rhyme.
To write something for you all
I think it will take time.

Because when you have friends
that are hard to find.
There’s always too much to say
As the moments with you were  always divined.

So I am going to tell you now
exactly what I need to say.
To show how much I appreciate
Of you being there everyday.

You’re worth more than anyone
even a million pound.
Because you always know what to say
when I am feeling down.

You make me smile big smiles
And my days so very bright. 
When I lose my way
You find me in the night. 

I sometimes wish I could explain
how much you mean to me.
But it’s just not possible
to pour in words, our bond’s quality.

So I just wanted to say
I love you so so much.
And I hope you never leave me
Promise to stay in touch.

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