One-Liners – 2


One-Liners – 2

Continuing my last to last post… One-Liners

Let me tell you first, that these lines are not all written by me, some are also the ones I’ve read on the internet and found worth reading for you. So, Enjoy….

  • I like to feel his eyes on me, when I look away. 
  • Looking at her I said, “If we can define love by time ,will you be mine for the rest of the next of my life”.
  •  I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.
  • I don’t care how hard being together is, nothing is worse than being apart.
  • And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars.
  • It’s one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.
  • You are a very romantic poet, she said. “For, if I am a poet, you are my poetry” I replied.
  • “I think I can die happy now, coz I’ve just seen a piece of heaven” he said looking towards her. Her cheeks flushed crimson with love again.
  • I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.
  • When I first saw you I looked for a signature, because every masterpiece has one.
  • “Why do you love me” she asked, “It’s not my fault I fell in love. You are the one that tripped me” he replied.
  • God gave us two ears, two eyes, two legs and two hands, but he only gave us one heart, and he wanted me to find you and tell you, you are the second one.
  • “This morning I saw a flower and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen; until I met you..” She blushed, again.
  • Was your father a thief? ‘Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.
  • I think I can die happy now, coz I’ve just seen a piece of heaven.
  • You must be a magician, because every time I look at you, everyone else just disappears.
  • “Excuse me…Hi, I’m writing an essay on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you”. And they were not strangers anymore.
  • Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are clear like the ocean? Because I can see straight into your soul, which is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
  • If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking through my garden forever.
  • Can you give me directions to your heart? I’ve seemed to have lost myself in your eyes.


So, friends that was it. Hope you liked it. If you did then please share it with your friends.
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Thank You…

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