Dear 100 Rs. Note, Sorry we took you for Granted


Dear 100 Rs. Note, Sorry we took you for Granted

Ok, so this is a requested post from my friends. So I am up with it.

So, this is the most trending news in India now-a-days after “Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai”, and the news is that the higher denominations of India, the 500 and 1000 Rs notes are now banned. You cant use them now. This step has been taken by the Indian Government to fight against corruption and take some action against terrorism at the same time. Our PM declared this on the night of 8th and I know I’m very late to give a reaction to this(I also don’t know why I’m writing this as you people visit my blog for enjoying sometime with my writings). And after the declaration of this, our PM MODI was the one who won the show and the topic of US elections, which was earlier trending, was put aside by people and there was MODI MODI everywhere, THUG LIFE PM.
This decision shocked the nation and the people went to ATMs instantly not even listening to the full speech. The decision taken by our govt. gives you the time till the end of the year to deposit your money in the banks. And at the same time you can go and exchange your old currency  with the new one, which has a limit. People are standing in long queues outside banks and ATMs to get the money exchanged and deposit their old currency in their bank accounts. I can have a bet on this that if the people who are going to banks to deposit their money wait for sometime and don’t go to banks, the queues for the people who are there for exchanging their money will not be this long as the work will be done a lot faster. But the people went in a situation of panic after the decision and didn’t understood that they can deposit their money till the end of the year in banks and till 31st March in RBI offices. So initial situation was that people had to wait for hours to get into the bank and get their work done.
But even after all this, the people of my country are still standing with our PM, as they too know that this decision will help to control the Local Corruption for some 10-15 years. And after that such decision can be taken again.
But only the corruption at the local level will be solved by this, as the corrupt people who have thousands of crores of black money with them would definitely not keeping all of it in notes with them. But the major problem of Indian people  is the Local Corruption which is going to be resolved by this decision.
The Govt has been continuously taking decisions for the betterment of the situation and for the benefit of the citizens.

So, there is a good decision taken by the Indian Government which can be remembered for years.

Thanks for reading.

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