One Liners


One Liners

OK, so today nothing like those big blogs.Just some Romantic ONE-LINERS.

1. To make her blush, he pulled her hair stick, saying, “You look beautiful in open hair.”
And she blushed, her cheeks flushed crimson with love, again!

2. “What is that?”, he said as he pointed to an empty wall. And with a peek on her cheek, he kissed her.
And she just fell for the same trick. Again. And twice in a row!!

3. “Cigarette or kiss? You’ve to choose today!” She snarled as she demanded.
From that moment on, he found a new addiction to life. Her lips!!!

4. He was like the president of anti-photogenic club.
But after the first couple of photographs with her, he installed Instagram.

5. She prayed.
And, he prayed foe her prayers.

6. He hated coffee. But, just ordered another for both of them anyways.
Deep down he knew, it was to buy more time to be with her.

7. In the literature of life, she wrote poems.
But, he wrote her.

8. They broke up.
But she kept giving respect to every name similar to his.

9. Both exchanged books.
The roses inside each book giggled.

10. Somewhere, between “I Need You” to “I Want you”;
She realized that she started loving him, desperately!

11. Once again, she ordered pizza and thrashed it into the dustbin.
After all, she had requested for the special delivery guy whom she had a huge crush on. Not the pizza.

Hope you all like this.
Do let me know your reviews in the comments below.

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