I Love You

I Love You

Hey peeps, how’re you all doing? Everything is going great I Hope. Here’s the first poem I wrote, though small, but it was my first work in poetry. So do tell me how is it. For further updates you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter¬†and Instagram.

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I Love You


I Love You,
I Love You not for what you are,
But for I am, with you,
I Love You.

When we first met,
I knew a pretty girl is by my side,
But as we stayed together,
I realized, you are the most beautiful, inside.

We started talking the whole day,
didn’t knew my life was getting into,
a lovely phase.
Talking with you was a pleasure,
that gave me happiness,
lasting days.
Make me feel lovely,
Thats what your words do,
That’s why,
I Really Love You.


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