A Prodigious Bond : Part 1


A Prodigious Bond : Part 1

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

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Part 1 : The Spark of Love

“The choice of your songs is really good Ashu. You know, according to me, the kind of songs you hear, reflects  your personality.” She said.

He(blushing): “Thanks. That’s the kind of songs you like too. Isn’t it.”

She: “Yeah. We are somewhat similar in nature, haven’t you noticed yet.”

(He took a pause)

He(amazed): “Hey! Yeah. You are right. I just thought about it.”

She: “you are an idiot.”

(Both laughed.)

Ashu was living with his Aunt in Mathura, away from his parents as there was no college which was both good and affordable near his home in Bhopal. And the girl was his Aunt’s sister who had came there for some holidays.

Later that day, in the evening he was studying, as his aunt saw, but all he could think was her smile, her style, her uniqueness; he was able to see beauty in her simplicity. Lost deep in thoughts.

“Ashu?” She called.

(Still lost in thoughts.)

She(louder): “Ashu..”

He: “Yeah, yeah, what happened…”

(She was smiling.)

He(bit embarrassed): “Hey, I’m sorry, I was just… thinking…”

She: “Thinking about…?”

He(instantly): “You…”

She: “What?”

**What the hell you just said Moron!**

He: “You… I mean.”(thinking what to say)

She(controlling her laughter): “You mean?”

He: “Aa gya (Got it)”

She: “What?”


He: “I mean. I was thinking of a unique method by which you can solve most of the integration problems, making them easier.”

(Takes breathe of relief.)

(She chuckled)

She: “Come on. Let’s have dinner.”

**Thank God!! You are safe dumbass**

After the dinner, they sat to talk in Ashu’s room.

He: “So, do you have a boyfriend?”

She: “Nope. You think any guy would like me?”

He: “Why not? You are pretty, smart, intelligent and what not?”

She: “That’s so sweet of you. But you know the modern day guys like modern girls. Not a conservative, shy and traditional girl like me.”

Me: “But I like girls just like you.”

(She blushes.)

She: “You are different Ashu.”

Me: “So are you. You are just adorable.”

She(mischievously): “Are you flirting?”

Me: “No…no… I mean… I was just… just praising you for you are just perfect.”

(She chuckled.)

She: “You are really an idiot.”

He: “Yeah, I know. You told me that in the morning.”

She: “Haha! You are also just too sweet.”

Me: “Are you flirting?”

She: “Go and sleep mister.”

He: “Haha! Good Night Miss.”

She: “Good Night.”

He wasn’t feeling sleepy at night. So wasn’t I. So he was just telling me the whole story. Suddenly the lights of the balcony outside his room turned on. He went out to check who it was.

He: “Hey, What are you doing at this time.”

She: “Nothing, just wasn’t feeling sleepy. I’m really very sorry I woke you up too.”

He: “No, don’t be. I wasn’t sleeping. I was just talking with my Best friend after a long time.”

She: “At this time? You have to go college tomorrow morning and you are talking to him. Seems he is really special.”

Me: “You have watched ‘Dear Zindagi’ movie?”

She: “Yeah.”

Me: “So, he is my Dr. Jag.”

She: “Oh! that’s awesome.”

Me: “Yeah. He is my brother. Most intellectual, calm, composed, realistic, and responsible person I’ve ever seen or heard of. He lives in Delhi and can sense my mood with how I talk on text.”

She: “Seems he is really good. What’s his name?”

He: “Aditya. And yep he is damn awesome. Ok, let’s go now. He went to sleep too.”

She: “Bye.”

He: “Bye.”

2 days later when we talked again, he told me about her feelings as he was able to get them.

“She is kinda liking me bhai.” he said.

Me: “Dude! Really?”

He: “Yeah bro”

Me: “She is fine no. I mean just check her medical reports first.”

He: “Damn! Shut up.”

Me: “Haha! But listen. Just don’t fall. Be strong. You have to focus on your aim now.”

He: “Yeah buddy, I know, I was just telling you.”

Me: “I repeat. Do not get emotionally attached to her. You cant afford it at this time.”

He: “Yes sir. I will take care of that.”

Me: “Hope so.”

(After a pause.)

Me: “She is of your age?”

He: “Nope. She is 5 years elder.”

Me: “Oh! So she is safe from you now.”

He: “What the hell do you mean.”

Me: “Haha! Nothing. Just focus on your studies.”

He: “Yep. I’m doing that.”

I am always worried about him and his career as he has to come up to the expectations of so many people. But for now his life was taking a new turn. Let’s see what will happen.

Story continues here : A Prodigious Bond Part 2

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