A Prodigious Bond – Part 2


A Prodigious Bond – Part 2

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

If you haven’t read the first part read it here first: A Prodigious Bond – A Spark of Love
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Part 2 : Is Separation The End

“After all, you never know when love strikes you.” He said.
She: “What?”
He: “A story that Aadi wrote. I just finished it.”
She: “Your friend is a writer too.”
He: “Yeah. He is just marvelous.”
She: “Something he can’t do?”
He: “I can’t think of any such thing.” 

She: “Damn! He seems too good.”

He: “Yeah. He is.”
He: “By the way, you sing really well. I listened that in the morning.”
She: “Thanks Ashu.”
He: “Now I am confused.”
She: “Why? What happened?”
He: “I can’t decide your voice is sweeter or your nature.”
She(blushing): “You are way more sweeter Ashu.”
He: “Are you flirting with me?”
She: “Damn! You started all this mister.”
He: “Haha! Okay Okay. Calm down.”
She: “I am returning in a couple of days.”
He: “Oh, you have to? I mean can’t you just stay for some more days.”
She: “No. I have an exam coming up. I have to study.”
He: “Okay. Best of luck.”
But in the inside he just wanted her to stay, be with him. He wasn’t able to understand why, but he just wanted her to be with him, forever. 
He: “I am not feeling good about this bro.”
Me: “Bro, relax. I told you, no one is permanent here, everyone has to leave when they have finished their part in your life. That’s it. And that’s not a big deal. I told you not to get emotionally attached to anyone. You are the only one who will be with you forever. Even I’m not gonna be there for whole of the life. But you have to keep in your mind whatever I say to you. I’m not gonna be there but my words will. Keep them in your mind always.”
He: “I love you brother.”
Me: “Haa chal chal chep mat ho ab.”               *Beauty of Hindi*

He: “Damn! shut up.”

Me: “Haha! But on a serious note. Keep my words in your mind. Always.”

He: “Yeah brother, I will.”

Me: “Ohk, Bye.”

2 days later, the day of her departure came. Ashu was in college and she went back to her home. After returning from college in the evening Ashu didn’t find her in his room as was happening for the last 10 days. So he searched for her everywhere in the house and at last asked his Aunt. 

“She has gone back her home.” She said.

He: “How can she?”

Aunt: “What?”

He: “No. Nothing.”

And he went back to his room. He wasn’t able to understand why didn’t she informed him about her departure, that why she had left so abruptly. All these questions were making him uneasy. 
**With her behavior she had always made me believe that she liked me. And if she did, then she must haven’t left so abruptly, she must have informed me yesterday that she has reservation for today. Or, what if she didn’t wanted to say goodbye. What if she too is missing me. But what if she don’t miss me or even don’t like me. I don’t have any confirmation. Neither do I’ve any hint of meeting or contacting her, nor do I can ask about her from Aunt. What the hell should I do.**

Then he made a plan and contacted his Dr. Jag.

“What should I do now?” He said after telling me the whole story.

Me: “See brother, be calm. People who are meant to be in your life, stay there, no matter what. And those who aren’t meant to be there, you just can’t keep them there.So, be happy with what you have and with who you are in the present. Don’t waste any moment of this beautiful life crying over the things you don’t have. Always remember, ‘The happiest people do not necessarily have the Best of all. They simply Appreciate what they find on their way’. You have to choose your way to live.

He: “Having you is a blessing for my life. Thank you bro.”

Me: “Its okay. But never forget what I said. Insaan ko hamesha khush rehna chahiye Tinde jaisi shakal bnane se problem solve nhi hoti’.           *Beauty of Hindi you see*
He: “Hahaha! I can’t forget this now.”

Me: “Good. Bye now.”

He: “Bye.”

However I had convinced him to forget about her and study. But I know him and I know that he will not stop thinking about her. She had an important place in his life now. 
Let’s see what destiny has for them. 

To be Continued…

Story Continues here : A Prodigious Bond – Part 3 

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