A Prodigious Bond – Part 3


A Prodigious Bond – Part 3

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

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Part 3 : A Drawn-out Night

Ashu never stopped thinking about her. He just wasn’t able to accept her sudden and uninformed departure. He was so sure of her feelings for him, but had no proof of it. And he didn’t even knew if he can meet her again, to clarify this, to ask her why she had left so abruptly. 
**No use of thinking about her now.. She has left without any information. She don’t care about me. Now stop thinking about her and get back your work.**
Me: “Bro, are you okay now?
He: “Yeah! What happened?”
Me: “Nothing. Just asking.”
He: “Why has she left so abruptly Bhai :'( .”
Me: “I knew this. You are mad. How many times should I tell. ‘The people who are meant to stay in your life, stay. Those who aren’t meant to stay, they never, no matter how many efforts you make for them to stay.‘ You just aren’t ready to understand. Fuck you Bro! Fuck you.”
He: “Thanks bro. You know how to get me on the right track. Your Gaaliyan really help me.”
Me: “Go and study.”
He: “Bye Brother.”
Me: “Bye.”
He went to study. Now with concentration, not thinking about her. Then came his Aunt and it was an end to his studies for the day.
Aunt: “Ashu, you’ve to get up early in the morning.”
He: “Why Aunt? What happened?”
Aunt: “Actually I’ve an examination in Lucknow. So I need to go there and this will take up much time and so I can’t return the same day. So I will be staying at my parent’s place. So you are accompanying me now.”
Just this, and he was gone. He got damn excited and almost screamed.
He: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
(Went up and hugged his Aunt.)
Aunt: “Are you crazy? What happened?”
He(regretting his act): “Oh! nothing Aunt. Actually, I was just thinking about you. You are so lovely, you care so much for me. Thank you. Love you  Aunt.”
(He hugged her again. This time with love.)
Aunt(smiling): “Idiot! go and sleep. We have to leave on time tomorrow. The reservation is for 8 in the morning.”
He: “Okay Aunt. I will be ready on time.”
It was my turn to hear all this now. He messaged me.
He: “Adi bro!”
Me: “Yeah.”
He: “I’m going to meet her.”
Me: “What” How”?
And he told me the whole story.
Me: “I told you. People who are meant to stay, stay 🙂 .”
He: “Yes brother.”
(After 5 minutes.)
He: “Damn! I’m excited!”
**The night is gonna be sleepless for me** I said to myself.
Me: “Good.”
Sleepy me, tried to deviate his mind.
Me: “You aren’t studying. You promised me that you’ll.”
He: “I’ve completed today’s work.”
**DAMN!. Let’s try something else.**
Me: “Bro, have you thought what will you talk to her?”
He: “Yeah, I will ask her why she left like that.”
Me: “And what after that? You are gonna stay there for a day.”
He: “Damn! I didn’t thought about this.”
**Yes! Trick worked. Adi, you genius.**
Me: “Go fast. Think about this. Go.”
I slept. 
After 5 minutes, my phone beeped.

He: “Adi, help me bro. I can’t think of any conversation. How to start?”
Me: “You’ve to think Bhai. Its your meeting.”
He: “No bro. You are a Writer. Help me out.”
**Fuck! My skills betrayed me today.**

Me: “Bro, I’m damn sleepy now. Please can I do that later.”
He: “No brother. You can’t. You’ve to help me.”
**I’m finished this night.**
Me: “Fuck you bro.”
He: “Start now.”
Me: “Ok. You can start by asking her why left without informing.”
He: “I’m gonna do that. What after that?”
Me: “Then if the reply is satisfactory. Then ask her if she likes you too.”
He: “I can’t straight away ask her.”
Me: “You must not. Go with the some questions and take some hints.”
He: “Okay bro, thanks.”
I slept again. 
After 2 minutes, the phone beeped again.
**Fuck you internet.**
He: “Bro, questions like what?”
Me: “Think yourself.”
He:  “Come on Adi. You are a writer.”
**Damn this skill.**
Me: “Okay. Start by asking what kind of boy she likes. And note a point, all the qualities she will say, if you’ve them all, then she is just pointing at you. Then ask if she have met any such guy yet. The answer will be a bit late, she will have to think as she can’t name you. If it happens, then congrats, she likes you too. Then carry on with your flirting.”
He: “Okay brother. Thank you a lot. Go, sleep now.”
Me: “Good night.”
Phone beeped again after 2 minutes.
He: “Bro, what kinda flirting.”
Me: “What the hell. How many types of flirting are there. Do the damn thing that you usually do. Flirt with the girl. She likes it. Hold her hand, praise her, say what she likes. Do the damn thing. I need not tell you this, you idiot dumbass. Fuck you bitch, fuck you.”
He: “Calm down bro, calm down. Go and sleep. Sorry.”
I turned off my wifi connection and slept. 
Phone beeped again after 10 minutes. A SMS this time.
‘Sorry bro. And thanks. Guess you are asleep now.’
I switched off the damn mobile then.
To be Continued…

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