A Prodigious Bond – Part 4


A Prodigious Bond – Part 4

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

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Part 4 :The Soulmates Finally Confessed

“Ashu, ready?” His Aunt called him.

He: “Since ages.”

Aunt: “What?”

He: “Nothing aunt. I’m ready. Let’s go.”

And they went from Mathura to Kannauj to his Aunt’s parent’s place. Her father came to pick them up from the station. Ashu touched his feet. And that’s all you must do to make an elder happy in India. ‘Be simple and give respect.‘ And you are a nice guy according to them.

They went home. Divya came and hugged her sister, said hi to Ashu and took them to the drawing room. After having some rest, her aunt and her brother prepared to leave for the station to take train to Lucknow, where the exam had to be conducted. At first Ashu thought now he’ll get enough time to talk to Divya. But he came to know that Divya too had that test too and so was going to be alone and all plans are going to get ruined. Then he thought of another plan.

He: “Aunt!”

She: “Yes.”

He: “I was thinking that I should accompany you to the test.”

She: “Why? What will you do? Be here and relax.”

He: “No aunt. I was wondering that whenever I accompany you to a test, you get good rank. So I’m your good luck, I guess.”

She: “Haha! Actually you are right. But there will be too much rush there.”

He: “No problem. I’ll be good. After all, it’s about your exam and I can’t take any risks here.”

She: “Haha! You are an idiot. Get ready now, we’ll leave in an hour.”

He was on cloud 9. This is the level of happiness you experience when an instantaneous plan works.

He went to Divya then.

He: “Are going to miss me there?”

She: “No. Absolutely not. Missing you will distract me and I can’t afford that.”

He: “You make me blush.”

She(looking into his eyes): “You are really very sweet.”

He: “Then why had you left so abruptly.”

She: “I wasn’t sure of another meeting and so I didn’t had enough courage to say Bye.”
(She moved her eyes.)

Those sparkling pearls showed affection. And that was the moment he fell for her even more.


“Anshu, come eat something.” His aunt called.

Divya: “Let’s go.”

“My Dear Aunt is unknowingly proving to be a villain in my love life.” He murmured.
She walked towards the living room.

After having their lunch they got ready to depart for the station.
Ashu thought that they will get to talk in the train. But after reaching the station all the dreams shattered, again. The train was packed and there was hardly any space to even stand properly. After standing for 4 hours they reached their destination. There was still a hope for Ashu to get to talk in the hotel but all the hotels of the city were full as if whole of the UP had their exam in that city only. After many efforts they finally got a place to sleep in one of the hotel’s basement. The next day they gave the exam and returned. The same thing continued on the return journey too. After returning to their home in the late evening, tired people went to sleep. The next morning Ashu thought that now he’ll get some time to talk to Divya but then his Aunt announced that they will be returning in the afternoon. 
“Not again. Why are you doing this to me Aunt?” He said to himself.

“Not much time left.” He thought, as he went to Divya’s room, remembering those conversation I told him.

He: “And when I entered her room she was asleep.”

Me: “Brother, on a serious note. Popat hogaya tera.”                   (Beauty of Hindi)
(Laughing loudly.)

He: “Shut up bro. Help me now. What to do.?

Me: “How do I know?”

He: “You are a writer man.”

Me: “Okk bro listen.”

He: “Yes. Say.”

Me: “Fuck off.”

And I hung up the call.

He called me thrice then. And being a kind human I picked up the fourth time.
He: “Please brother please, I don’t know when will I get to talk to her next.”

Me: “Yeah. Actually I was just thinking about an idea.”. (I’m good at lying too.)

He: “Then say.”

Me: “Don’t show her that you are desperate. And just go and check if she is really asleep or just pretending to be asleep so as to avoid a conversation.”

He: “How can I do that then.”

Me: “Send in your aunt’s daughter Rashi to her room and tell Rashi to call Divya as your Aunt is calling her and just follow Rashi without making any noise.”

He did accordingly. And as I believed she wasn’t sleeping. (After all I’m a genius :P)
He: “Good morning miss.”

She: “Hey. Good morning. You aren’t tired? Woke up so early.”

He: “Everyone in the house woke up.”

She: “Umm. Sorry.”

He: “Why are you doing this?”

She: “I don’t know. Ashu, our relation is just impossible and unacceptable in the society.”

He: “I don’t care about the society if you are with me.”

She: “These dialogues are all filmy and are just impractical.”

He: “Listen miss. I don’t know all this. I just know that I love you. Do you love me?”

She: “Ashu please.”

He: “Divya. Do you?”

She(with teary eyes): “Yes, I do.”

He came closer to her. She was still on her bed. He sat beside her and leaned towards her. She closed her eyes. Ashu leaned further, cupped her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. 

She looked at him with surprise, what he did was unexpected, even you were expecting a Lip-lock, weren’t you, horny people 😛 .

He: “Don’t be surprised sweetheart. I’ve my whole life for that.”

And she hugged him. They were lost, in each other. 5 minutes passed, they were still in that position, and then,

“Ashu, come and have your breakfast.” His Aunt called.

“Not again Aunt.”

Ashu is working hard to complete his B.tech in 4 years, which is a dream of every engineering student, but only a few fulfill that dream. Divya got that job, and is rejecting proposals for marriage.

Two alike souls got their soulmates. Each of them working hard to get the other as their better half. 


“Be The Type of Person You want to MEET.”

Thank You…

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