My Adorable Best Friend

My Adorable Best Friend

And Now a poem Most of you can relate to. A poem for our female best friend. An effort to say a Thanks to them for being there, always, no matter what the situation is.Share it with them and say a thanks.
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You are my friend, my sweetheart
For being with you is always fun.
The moment I see or talk to you
I get as happy as flowers seeing the sun.

For the first time we talked,
I couldn’t find any similarity between us.
And for now no difference, As we always
land upon same thing whenever we discuss.

In the first meeting, we never knew
that things will go this way.
And we’ll share a bond where
for your prayers, I’ll pray.

You are smart, droll, unique,
beautiful and pretty,
You understand me like no one else,
you are a lovely mixture of love and pity.

You are truly a blessing I have
You always make me feel light and new
And that’s why I always say

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