Rose for Me – Part 3


Rose for Me – Part 3

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

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2. Rose for Me – My Favorite Phone Call 

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Part 3 : Date with an Angel

After posturing for the umpteenth time. I kicked myself out of the house. My only aim was to look my absolute best today. I had prepared a checklist in my brain:

  •          Brushed twice? Check. 
  •          Rinsed with Hydrogen Peroxide? Check. 
  •          Shaved like crazy? Check. 
  •          Hair serum? Check. 
  •          Face cream? Check. 
  •          Black T-shirt? Check. 
  •          Dark Blue Jeans? Check. 
  •          Brown blazer? Check. 
  •          Woodland shoes? Check. 
  •          Perfume? Check. 
  •          Got a rose for her? Check. 
  •          Got a book for her? Check. 
  •          Looking handsome? No comments. (But yeah, better than the geek who went to the CafĂ©.)
(I reached our reserved table 20 minutes ahead of schedule and was just wondering what she would wear and how she would react upon seeing me.

There she came. 7 PM, on the dot. Damn! She just seemed sexier. She walked with a panache which could only come from a smart, beautiful and confident woman. She wore a black sleeveless gown, down to her knees. Sexy but not vulgar. Exactly as I had expected. She wore a pearl necklace and black studded earrings. Her silky hair were tied in a bun with a couple of stray strands kissing her cheek, which formed a part of her triangular jaw. I was feeling jealous of them. She had a nose as sharp as her wit. Her strawberry colored lips were glossy, but their shine was overpowered by her lightning smile as she made an eye contact with me; while putting the hair strands behind her ears. She was a doe-eyed beauty.)
**An angel dude!. You are dating an angel!!.**
She: “Hi Handsome!!”
(Okay Check.)
(And that was just it. I was overwhelmed beyond limits. I simply froze. I was just looking at her in a way a child looks at a rainbow for the very first time. Without breaking the eye contact, I gave her the rose. My hand was moving like that of a Robot whose battery was about to die. That could also have been due to the fact that I worked extra hard at the Gym.)
She(blushing): “Thank You!”
(I simply smiled.)
She: “Say something.”
(I messaged her.)
[Me: This is all I can say when I am speechless.
She: Sweet. You do know that we need to talk on a date? Right? 
Me: Yes.
She: Speak up!
Me: No.
She: Okay. Here is the deal. You shall receive a kiss from me tonight if  you start speaking.
Me: Kiss? Where? The cheek or the lips?
She: That depends on how fast you start speaking. The faster, the better.]

Me: Hi! How are you? I missed you so much! The wait was…
(I spoke at a speed which must have sounded like watching a Korean film at 3x speed.)

She: “Wow! That‘s one hell of a way to tame a guy. And by fast I meant the time to start, not words per minute.
Me: “Okay. So what am I getting?
She: “Is that what all you guys can think about? Anyways, let us not ruin the suspense.”

Me: “Suspense huh? Well played!” (I fantasized.)

She: “Are you imagining it right now?”
Me: “I am most certainly not!” 
(My eyes shifted for a couple of seconds.)

She: “Liar!
Me: “Ok, I am good with imagination. I can’t help it. You brought up the topic anyway.”

She: “Point taken. So what do you do?”
Me: “I cup your face in my palms.”
She: “Moron! I am Asking about profession.”
Me: “Oh! That? I am just pursuing my PhD in Physics from IIT Delhi.”
She: “Your awesome flirting skills totally second that.”
Me: “Haha! Yeah that‘s really bad. My female interaction has been critically low since the last year. Just the research work daily.
She: “My God! So your ex was from which branch?”
Me: “I don’t have an ex.”
She: “What do you mean? You’ve never been in a relationship before?”
Me: “Fact of my life. I am purely single till date.”
She: “Unbelievable. Don’t you want to know about my ex?
Me: “Tell me when you are comfortable. A first date is not a good time to discuss that variable. You always end up getting extraneous solutions.”
She: “Haha! How do you know these details?”
Me: “Remember how we met? I read.”
She: “My eyes?”
Me: “You have memorized our conversation. Or you had a recording device?”
She: “Every moment that we have spent together so far has been recorded in my mental hard disk.”
Me: “Then I hope it has at least infinite capacity.”

(We looked into each others eyes for a long time. For the first time ever, we were at a loss of words. We had dinner with a few discussions here and there about our families and relevant past. I found out that she had completed her MBA and was also pursuing her PhD in Economics. We went to have ice-cream after dinner.)
Me: “Here’s your cone and a book for you.”
She: “Thank you. ‘’?
Me: “Yeah. Come back lady!”
(She laughed hard. The clouds rumbled making it the scene like she was a ghost in-charge of a haunted mansion, clouds made the metaphor seem so real.)
She(suspiciously): “You bought a book just to make this joke?”

Me: “Naah. I bought this book last year. It is a mystery fiction story of a secret society and a journey that transcends through space and time. Although, it can definitely be used to make jokes.”
(There was thunder again.)
She: “I think it is going to rain and I left my coat in the car.”
Me: “Good. I am sure the car is going to keep it dry.”

She: “Hey YOU said the ice-cream shop was close by.”

Me: “I have my jacket, no need to worry.”

She: “Oh! So like they show in movies, you will give me your jacket.”

Me: “Mad or what? I don’t want to get drenched. I was merely offering to share.”

She: “Boy, you are moving really fast, aren’t you?”

Me(innocently): “No. This is the slowest I have ever walked.”

(The clouds rumbled for the fourth time and it started raining heavily.)

Me: “Code Red. I repeat. Code Red. Ma’am, you are requested to enter this protective jacket.”

(We barely managed to share the jacket, since I was particularly muscular. I knew it was a stupid idea, but I did not want to lose out on the opportunity. She knew it too.)

She: “Okay. This is not working. We both are getting drenched. Let us wait somewhere for the rain to subside. Maybe, under that Banyan tree.”

(She pointed towards some tree like object in the dark. I strained my eyes.)

Me: “How do you know that’s a Banyan tree? I can barely see it.”

She: “Is that your concern right now?”

(She had a point. After dinner we had walked away from our vehicles for close to a kilometer; engrossed in our conversation. We waited under the tree whose identity was still ambiguous. I removed my stupid jacket which was wet from the inside too; making it pointless to wear. I noticed her stare at my biceps which were emphasized due to sticking of the soaked shirt. I smiled. She removed her hair pin, opened her hair and adjusted it with both hands. And now it was my turn to stare.)

Me: “Why the hell does it need to rain every day?”

She: “Maybe that’s why people call it the “Rainy Season”?”

Me: “I am not very fond of the “Rainy Season”. I have some bad memories associated with it.”

She “Why? What happened?”

Me: “Well, for starters, my school always reopened after vacations during monsoons. Then there were the bullies who threw me into every puddle they found; punishing me for topping the class.”

She: “Oh dear! My coochie pie! Did they also snatch away your chocolates?”

Me: “Yes. Actually!” 

(I faked a cry.)

She: “You are so cute.”

(She hugged me. The feeling was beyond words. She was the softest thing that I’d ever touched. Simply the feeling of having her in my arms made me feel on top of the world. I was leaning against the tree; her head on my chest. I could feel her warm breaths. I was thankful to the Rain Gods for making this happen. I stopped hating the Monsoon Season that moment onward. It was time for new memories now. Memories with my Rose. We were in that position for around ten minutes. I wondered if she had fallen asleep.)

Me: “Rosey?”

(I whispered in her right ear.)

She: “Hmm?”

Me: “Are you going to sleep like this?”

She: “I would love to.”

Me: “Not that I mind, but this stem has a sharp edge which has been poking my butt for the last ten minutes. I noticed it just now and it HURTS! Ouch!!”

(She laughed hard. I shifted from my position. She whispered back into my ear.)

She: “Adi, I am surprised that you didn’t ask for your reward.”

(I whispered back. I think we had started playing a Whispers game, unintentionally.)

Me: “I have never stopped thinking about that. I did not ask you because I did not want you to feel compelled. Our nascent relationship is way beyond this.”

(She looked up into my eyes. I could see intense admiration in them. I could see the passion which I was feeling all along. She brought her lips close to my face and stayed there; maintaining eye contact. 

**Oh God this is the moment! Please choose lips. Please God! Let it be lips. What is she doing? Acquiring her target? Oh come on lady, do it!**
  She did it. Her lips brushed against mine for a couple of seconds. Then she pressed them. I was on cloud eleven. For a moment, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. The feeling was pure ecstasy. It was like kissing a jelly. After close to fifteen seconds we broke contact but she was still very close. So close that, the warm breaths that I had earlier felt on my chest were obliging my lips now.)

She: “That’s your reward.”

(She said looking towards the ground, probably hiding her tears. I think it was something to do with her past.)

(I had a lump in my throat.)

Me: “The secret to your name has been revealed sweetheart! It is your lips; just like The Rose.”

(She looked into my eyes again. Maybe she no longer cared if I found out about her tears. Her moist eyes sparkled like diamonds. They were looking even more beautiful than the other night.)

(I cupped her face with my palms. I wiped the tears formed over her cheeks using my thumbs.)

Me: “As gorgeous as your eyes are looking right now, this is the last time I want to see you cry. You are with ME now!”

 (We kissed again. This time deep. The passion was like a raging inferno. I don’t remember for how long we kissed.

The only thing I remember is waking up below that tree. I still wasn’t convinced it was a Banyan tree. There was a hint of dawn. The rain had stopped. I was sitting on the wet, muddy ground with my back against the bark. My lips felt really sore. I could barely move my mouth. She was still asleep. Her head once again resting on my chest.  My nose felt moist. I had probably caught cold.)


(She woke up with a start; glaring at me.)

She: “Is this the way to wake someone up?”

(She looked even more pretty when angry.)

Me: “Ask that to the cold virusss…Aaan…..aanchooo.”

(She smiled and stood up.)

She: “Well, this is the craziest and also the most romantic thing I have ever done in my life.”

Me: “Yeah me too. My numb rear seconds that. Also, considering my history of relationships, any romantic thing I do with you will end up being the most romantic thing I have ever done.”

(She smiled while helping me up and gave me a tight slap on my right butt-cheek.)

She: “Get it some massage and it will be alright.” 

Me: “Care to oblige?”

She: “Control those horses………… horny creature!”

(I smiled)

Me: “Alright! Let’s get some coffee and head home.”

She: “You know, for a guy who has never been in a relationship before, you are a really good kisser.”

Me: “I have to thank the books for so many reasons. Then there is YouTube too.”

(She giggled again, the way I always wanted to see her. I could do anything to see her smile.)

We walked towards the horizon hand in hand, our fingers entangled; gazing at the early morning sun without a care in the world. I felt her glance from the side. I looked back. I think we both knew what that meant. It was happening. Happening fast, but yes, it was indeed happening.

After all, you never know when love strikes you.

The End
Is It?

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