Rose for Me – Part 2


Rose for Me – Part 2

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

For those who haven’t read the First part. Please read it here first: Rose for Me – Passion got me Love

Part 2 : My Favorite Phone Call

That’s how you say big things in a short way. I said to myself , lying on the bed. There was so much of information given in those two lines, I thought, and initiated a self conversation.

**What do the three smileys mean? Did I make her laugh only thrice? No, obviously not, it was more than that, I hope. But there must definitely be something about the number three. Three is the number of letters in I LOVE YOU. But wait. I HATE YOU also contain three letters. But why would she hate me. And if she did, she wouldn’t have given me her number. Wait. Is the number genuine or am I just getting trolled? Only the phone call can answer all these questions now.**

I was in deep thought; thinking what would I say to her if the number is genuine and what would be her possible reactions. I was just thinking and rolling over my bed form side to side. And then, BAM! I fell of the bed. 

**Ouch! That hurt! Adi, you idiot, stop this nonsense. ‘Falling for someone’ is just a figure of speech, don’t take it too personal you moron. These plans are no good. Just be that spontaneous smartass you were in the evening.**

Then I made a plan that I wouldn’t make a plan.

**An hour later**
I dialed the number given to me. I was eager to know that if the number given to me was genuine and if it is, then who would answer the call. I was just prepared for the worst and hoped for the best.

I heard a dial tone. ‘Ok captain, Stage 1 cleared, the number is real.’ My heartbeat hiked. I was breathing as if I just broke the world record of holding the breathe for the longest time. Three rings down the line, someone picked up the phone.


It was her. ‘Stage 2 cleared.’ I was on cloud 9.

**Its real dude! Bring out that optimistic guy, step on the pedal and bring up your game!**


Me: “Am I talking to Miss Rose.”

She: “Yeah.”

Me: “Ma’am this is to inform you that a table for two has been booked at Berco’s for tomorrow at 7PM.”

She: “Okay, but who am I talking to.”

Me: “The guy you are having dinner with.”

She: “Woah!! You changed your voice. How?”

Me: “Its one of my lesser known skills.”

She: “And what’s with this fake British accent?”

Me: “Hey Miss! I practiced those lines for over 20 times. Acknowledge the effort.”

She: “You forgot one thing. The British are too good with phone manners. You need to introduce yourself first before asking for the person on the other end or conveying a message.”

Me: “Oh yeah. In also forgot to ask you one thing. When are the classes starting mam?”

(She chuckled)

She: “I knew you wouldn’t be following the Three Day Rule.”

Me: “How so?”

She: “Because you don’t really rely on techniques, you are a spontaneous guy and what I feel is that you speak from your heart.”

Me: “Beware Miss! that thing is coming after you… really fast.”

(She gave an amazing laugh and that sound was just like melody for me.)

She: “What if I say I am busy tomorrow.”

Me: “Well, you just confirmed your presence. And let me just tell you there’s no booking yet. I was just confirming your presence and my next call would be at Berco’s.”

She: “You are an Idiot.”

Me: “Yeah! I fell for you, quite literally, and its paining.”

She: “I think I know that feeling.”

Me: “I am kind of sailing on that.”

She: “I just can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

Me: “Well, an old Chinese saying goes like this: It is the space between the bars that hold the cage. The wait between our date is what that is going to make it special.”

She: “How can be you so sure for something more than a date.”

Me: “Yesterday I didn’t had any thought like this. Then I met you; You left the room unannounced; I found my bookmark. Seems I am good going on picking up on hints.”

She: “I am sorry if it hurt you. I was just praying that you see it and call me as soon as possible.”

Me: “Don’t be. Obviously, it felt brutal for a few seconds. But you know, your style made me admire you even more. You are unorthodox. That was just one hell of a way to give someone your number! And by the way miss, I’ve got that bookmark laminated.”

She: “I don’t want this call to end.”

Me: “Well a..”

She: “No. Don’t give me that old Chinese thing of yours.”

Me: “Ok, Ok, calm down mam. And by the way, let me tell you that we are going to a Chinese Restaurant tomorrow.”

She: “Hey, how do you know that I love Chinese?”

Me: “The Novel you were reading, ‘Journey to the West’, by Wu Cheng’en; I took a blind shot, and it reached it target just now.”

She: “Ridiculous logic.”

Me: “I am Idiot. Remember?”

She: “You are also cute.”

Me: “Are you flirting with me?”

She: “No, I was just praising my candle here.”

Me: “You are just too good! Okay. See you tomorrow. I need to make a call to the restaurant before they are sleepy.”

She: “Bye.”

Story continues here: Rose for Me – Part 3So Guys, how was it?
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