Rose For Me – Part 1


Rose For Me – Part 1

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Part 1 : Passion Got Me Love

Playing guitar is my hobby. That day I was playing guitar at my friend’s cafe. I am good at it and so he called me to play and sing for his crowd. It was my first time I’d gone to that place. The cafe was not much crowded that day as the weather was turning bad. I took out my guitar and started playing and there, among the crowd, I saw her, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. After 15- minutes, when I was a bit tired playing the guitar and was about to stop, there started a heavy downpour out and I was happy by it as I can get to talk to her. All of a sudden there was a complete blackout and she sighed loudly and it gave me chance to initiate the conversation. 

She(sighing): “Oh God!”

Me: “What? Are you afraid of ghosts?”

She: “What… NO… I mean.. I don’t believe in such stuff.”

Me: “Neither do I. But I can’t understand why when I’m at such a large, old, spooky, dark room, the existence of such things seem possible.”

She: ” Old, large, dark and spooky” (emphasizing each word)

Me: “Huh? Was  that funny?”

She: “No!… Your order of adjectives wasn’t right.”

Me: “Is that what books does to you?”

(She giggles)

She: (extending her hand) “Rose.”

Me:”The Noun or the Adjective?”

(She chuckled again)

She: “Look, my parents weren’t that grammar conscious.”

Me: “And look how you turned out.”
(Both laughed)

Me: “Hi! I am Aditya.”

She: “Your voice is just amazing.”

Me: “Thanks miss. It’s just gets good in front of beautiful audience.”

(And I took a book out from my bag, opened it, but was just unable to take my eyes off her. Then a waiter came and apologized for the power cut and put a candle on our table. 
In the inside, I was just wishing the power cut to persist and the rain to never stop. But I sensed that the shower is gradually decreasing, so I just restarted the conversation.)

Me: “Candlelight dinners are just too mainstream no. This candlelight reading session is pretty interesting and new to me.”

She: “Hey Mister, don’t get any ideas.”

Me: “But I thought people read books for ideas, for enlightenment.”

She: ” ‘Enlightenment’, during this blackout, seriously?”

Me: “Hey, it isn’t a complete blackout yet, till this candle is there. We can’t undermine the efforts of these babies who help people have a bond, have romantic conversations.”

She(mischievously): “Are you flirting with me?”

Me: “Amm… yeah. That’s rule number 1 of Professional flirting ‘When you want to flirt with a girl, praise the candle instead.’ “

(She chortled)

She: “What are you reading?”

Me: “Your eyes! They make the most beautiful pair I’ve ever seen. And with the reflection flickering of the flame, these glittering pearls have the power to make time stand still.”

She: “WOW! I’m overwhelmed. That’s the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. Now you are definitely flirting with me!

Me: “Well, I just took the last line I read from this book I‘m reading.”

(She laughed)

She: “You are a Plagiarist.

Me: “No Miss! I just gave credit to the source.”

She: “But before mentioning that you used it to try to impress me.”

Me: “So are you impressed?”

She: “I guess you didn’t heard the word ‘try‘.”

Me: “OK, just think. I’m in this candle lit room, sitting alone with a beautiful, intelligent girl, having a great sense of humor and in such a romantic weather you can’t blame me for trying. I’m not a wuss!”

She: “So, what are you?”

Me: “People are absolutely free to judge that.”

She: “Good. I like the modest people, and especially when they are smart, funny and so good singer.

Me: “Were those compliments in disguise?”

She: “Why do you need to convert my generalizations to attributions?”

Me: “Amm.. Don’t know. I guess the same reason for ‘why do you play games’ ?”

(She laughed and made a deep eye contact.)

She: “I don‘t remember the last time I laughed so much.”

Me: “I hope you shall remember this time.”

(The power was back and the heavy showers were reduced for drizzles.)

She: “Okay, time to go!”

(We prepared to leave and I went back to pick up my guitar.)

She: “Hey you dropped your bookmark here.”

I went back to the table and picked up the bookmark. I looked around for her. She was gone. I was unable to understand why she had left so abruptly. There was not even a proper good bye. No mentioning of whether we could meet again. I was sad and was unable to think anything. 
I was about to put the bookmark back, but just then I saw something scribbled on it in a cute handwriting. 

Rose : 9013963*#$
Looking forward to that candlelight dinner with you!
🙂 🙂 :)

Story continues here: Rose for Me – Part 2
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