Friends: Thanks for being there


Friends: Thanks for being there

Hey everyone, how are you all.
Here I am, up with my next poem. Same subject,  same feelings, but different words. 
Hope you all like it.

A Loner I was
Until I met you
Something new happened to me then
My life was gonna change, I knew.

The time I spent with you
The moments we shared
Always had something in it
Carved a relationship that was never despaired.

You always have an impact on me
Practical aspects of things have more importance now
Always thankful for everything you did
I’m more of a practical person because of thou.

You were always there
Whenever I was feeling low
You got me up everytime
As there’s nothing about me you don’t know.

Your importance for me
can not be described
It is something that can only be felt
As saying emotional stuff among us is proscribed
I can’t leave you in any case
As my love for u can never be circumscribed.

So friends, how as it?
You liked it?
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Thank You All…. 


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