The Selfless Love

The Selfless Love

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s I go after a long time. But this one is gonna be worth the wait! Hope you all like this too.

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The Selfless Love – Chapter 1

“Maa calling” his mobile screen showed.

Ankush picked up the call and said, “Maa, I didn’t picked up your call the last two times, then I must be busy no. I’ll call you later!” And he hung up the call.

Ankush was a student in a reputed coaching institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. He was preparing for UPSC exam. His family lived in Uttarakhand and he was staying there as PG.

“Urgh! I can’t take it anymore man.” Ankush said as he pulled his hair. He stood up and went outside for a walk.
As soon as he got out of his room his phone rang again.

“God! My mother!” He said and silenced the call.

As he was walking past his neighboring house his phone rang again. He chose to ignore the call this time and keep walking.

“Hey young man!” A voice called him.

Ankush turned back and saw a man in his mid-twenties smiling at him. He said, “Your phone is ringing brother.”
“I know” Ankush said, “It’s my mother, I don’t know what she wants. She just keeps on calling and ask how am I doing. It’s irritating!”

The guy smiled and asked, “Where are you going then?”

“Just needed to go out. It was suffocating inside the room.” Ankush said.

“Come, I’ll get you a tea. We’ll sit near my plants and talk!” The guy said.

“What’s your name bro?” Ankush asked.

“Varun.” He said.

They both went inside the house and sat on chairs.

Varun said, “You know when I was 10 years old my mother sent me to a boarding school. I cried continuously for two days and started hating her. My father didn’t want me to go, but my mother was in no mood to listen to anyone.


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Whenever I came back home she took proper care of me but I was unable to understand why she sent me to the boarding.

Four years later my father died and then I thought that she’d call me back, but she didn’t. She started working at a local shop and also did some tailoring stuff at home. We loved each other and I was proud of her but she never allowed me to come back.

7 years later, I completed my graduation and finally came back home. I found a job nearby so that my mother could rest now, but she chose not to!

One day I got back from work an hour early just to surprise her but I found that the main door was locked. I inquired from the neighboring lady and she said that, “She might be at the shop.”

I asked her, “But aunty her shift ends at 5 no? It’s 6 now!”

“I know. But she is doing overtime since a year. And she has made a good impression on the owner Ajay. He even comes to your place sometimes.” She said.

She had expressions of disdain and that made me angry. I kept quiet and sat in front of the main gate.

Mom came back after an hour and as she saw me she wrapped me around her arms, but my arms didn’t moved to embrace her. She opened the door, we went inside and I said, “I was waiting for you since an hour.”

“Sorry beta!” She said, “I’ve been doing overtime since a year so that I could clear all the debts that I had to take for your studies.”

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“Then why you did that mom? Why did you sent me to boarding school? I could’ve studied here too?” I said in anger.

“Varun I’ve told you many times, it was necessary to do that.” She said.

“No, dad never wanted me to leave, you did. You always did it for yourself. You never thought what I was going through there. All you cared about is yourself and your relations with that bastard Ajay.” I shouted, for the first time in front of her.

And BAM! She slapped me. One, two, three, and after three slaps she begin to cry.

“Is this what I brought up you for? Is this what was left for me to hear.” Her tears didn’t stop.

A week later I got a promotion letter from my office but I was getting transferred to Varanasi. I accepted the proposal so that all the debts could be cleared asap.

When I was leaving for Varanasi, mom filled a bag of stuff to eat and then packed some parathas to eat during the journey.


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