The Selfless Love – Part 2

The Selfless Love – Part 2

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s the completion of The Selfless Love. And as I said this one is gonna be worth the wait! Hope you all like this too.

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Link for Chapter 1 : The Selfless Love – Chapter 1

The Selfless Love – Chapter 2

I went to Varanasi, made new friends and was enjoying life. Mom called me thrice a week and I’d always cut the call after saying “Yeah mom I’m fine.”

One day I got a call from an unknown number. I picked it up. It was Annu aunty, that neighboring lady. She said, “Varun, your mom is very ill and has been burning from fever for the last 4 days.”

I went home the very next day. Mom was sleeping in her bedroom, Annu aunty was sitting beside her. That face that looked so young and joyful was now covered with wrinkles. Loneliness had made her sad and hollow.

Annu aunty passed me a smile. “Thank you so much aunty.” I said.

“Medicines weren’t seemingly working. So we’ve got them changed today. If she doesn’t get well now too, we’ll have to take her to the hospital tomorrow.” She said.

I thanked her. She smiled and went outside.

It was silence all around. I sat near mom and held her hand, she was indeed burning.

Her medicines were kept on the side table and with them 2 papers. I took the papers to see what happened to her. But the first paper that I saw was a letter mom wrote for me.

A Heart Breaking Love Story : One Sided Lover

Dear Varun

I’m very sorry beta, I couldn’t call you this week. I don’t know what has happened to me. I’m just feeling too weak now. You can see my handwriting too. But I’m very glad that you got promoted and are doing great in Varanasi. I keep on talking about you with Annu, she’s going to get fed up of me now.

I don’t know what came to my mind today and I’m writing this letter for you.

I know beta that you’ve many questions unanswered, but trust me, I kept those away from you so that you could focus more on your career.

I still remember the day when you were crying in my embrace and saying “Mom please don’t leave me.. please don’t let me go.. please mom. But son I’d to send you there as I had no other option left. I know you’ve always been annoyed from me for that but if I hadn’t did that, then Ranjeet Chadhha would’ve been a threat to your life. That same rascal that choked your father to death. He is a land mafia. He offered to purchase our house but your father refused it. Since then he was threatening him that he’ll shoot down our family. So sending you to the boarding was the safest option I had even though everyone, including your father, opposed it.

I know you’ve always hated me for that, but trust me beta, I could bear that hate for eternity for saving your life.

I miss you beta.

And always remember ‘your mom loves you a lot’

Your mother


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It was for the first time that I wept for my mother. How could she bear all this, all her life? How? Such sacrifice!!!

I was broken. Every bit of me was feeling guilty. How harsh and rude I was, for her, all my life. How I never made a concern for her. How I never even asked “How are you mom?” I left her to die in solitude. I was a cursed child.

I put my head on her feet, she was still burning. All those memories with her were taking a rewind. I remember how she used to sing lullaby for me. And I slept.

Next morning, she didn’t wake up.”

Ankush was quiet and froze. Slow wind was moving his hair.

“That’s very sad Bhaiya!” He said.

Varun kept silent.

“Damn! I forgot to bring your tea.” Varun said and he went inside the house.

“Ankush!!” Someone called him from outside. He turned to find out that it was his landlord Mr. Thakar.

“What are you doing here?” Mr. Thakar asked.

“I was just talking to Varun bhaiya. He lives here. He just went inside.” Varun said.

Mr Thakar’s expression changed. He stood still.

“Are you crazy? Varun died 4 years ago. Ranjeet Chadhha, the land mafia shot him dead.” Mr. Thakar said.

Ankush stood up, utterly froze.

“Come, let’s go!” Mr. Thakar said.

As soon as Ankush got out, his phone rang. “Mom calling” the screen showed. He smiled and picked up the call and said, “Hi Mom! How are you? I am missing you so much.”

Ankush turned to look back. Varun was smiling at him!

Love and respect your Mother no matter what!

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