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Breathe Easy: The 5 Best Air Purifiers for Your Home

Hello there! Welcome to our guide on the best air purifiers for your home, where we’ll introduce you to five top-rated products designed to improve your indoor air quality. With concerns about air pollution and allergens on the rise, investing in an air purifier can make a significant difference in the health and well-being of […]

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बन जा तू हिन्दुस्तानी

Here goes a poem, after a very long time. Opening up on the need of the moment now, awareness against the corona virus. Also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Tumblr and Pinterest and also subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest updates. You can also drop me a message on any platform to give your reviews.   बन जा तू हिन्दुस्तानी ना हिंदुत्व ना दिखा […]


The New Neighbour – Part 2

I was stunned looking at the letter which read,
“Dear stranger,
This is your friend from the first floor of the building across the road. I guess you don’t know me….


Ever Happened to You?

So guys, here goes my next work, a poem about results. Hope you all like it. Do let me know about this one in the comments section. And if you like it, then please share it as much as you can and help the blog grow. Click on the advertisements to help me make some money :P. […]


Competition: Be In It Or Not

The world of today in the world of competition. Everyone is busy competing with each. People don’t look forward to be successful, they just want to be successful comparatively. Today people just want to go ahead of others. They don’t want to enjoy their success, but the failures of others. And in all this competition […]

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