Ever Happened to You?

Ever Happened to You?

So guys, here goes my next work, a poem about results. Hope you all like it.
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Ever Happened to You?

You set up a dream for yourself
when you were young.
You kept on taking small steps towards it
You’re slowly coming towards the final step
and you’re not getting the results.
Ever happened to you?

In all this time, the reason,
for which you were working hard
is now seeming to fade away slowly.
Ever happened to you?

Now, all your hard work
is now seeming
to go in vain.
And you’re now starting to get panicked.
You’re now getting afraid.
Ever happened to you?

But No. You shouldn’t.
Just follow what was
taught to you.
Your only duty is to work hard,
and forget about the result.

The results aren’t under
your control, but
your hard work is.
So just be honest
with yourself and
work hard.

Work hard to improve.
Work hard to grow.
Work hard to be better
than you were yesterday.


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Be curious. Be active.
Develop a positive attitude,
for, your personality growth depends on it.

Do things that make you happy,
for, only happy minds
achieve success.

Whatever happening to you
is for good.
Whatever gonna happen to you
is for good.
Your determination will take
you far.

Results don’t reflect your
actual potential, or
your hard work.
Results are there to just
let you know that
there’s a chance of improvement.

So work hard, improve,
go for excellence, don’t worry about the results.
So that you won’t ask anyone
Ever happened to you?


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