Competition: Be In It Or Not


Competition: Be In It Or Not

The world of today in the world of competition. Everyone is busy competing with each. People don’t look forward to be successful, they just want to be successful comparatively. Today people just want to go ahead of others. They don’t want to enjoy their success, but the failures of others. And in all this competition they forget to live and enjoy their lives.

People don’t work on their passion and just get engrossed with the aim of leaving others behind. They just don’t understand that by getting involved in the competition they are decreasing the level Talent they have. You can use your talent with full potential when your only aim is to develop, not win.

Getting readily involved in a competition kills the person inside you who is a dreamer, a person who is always on the way to fulfill his/her dreams, a person who wants to live his life to the fullest. You are killing that unique person inside you, by getting engrossed in the competition.

Yeah, I agree, a healthy competition is always good for you, but making the win in it, the question of your respect, isn’t good at all. It’s ok if you lose. You got to learn. And that’s why to avoid the worries and sadness of losing in a competition I say never get involved in any competition.

Just live your life, follow your dreams, work on making yourself better than you were yesterday; love all; avoid competition; help others, even if you don’t know them, it gives a special kind of pleasure.

Just live a happy life, free of any kind of tensions. Be happy.

Thank you

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