How To Be Successful


How To Be Successful

Apologies, for the people who follow me, too long, no posts 😛 . I know there are non, but still, self satisfaction you know 😛   .

OK, so today, I’m going to tell you a simple trick to be successful. Yeah, a trick that can make you Successful.

And the trick is, FORGET ABOUT SUCCESS. Yeah, trust me. Forget about success and you’ll be successful. Sounds weird, doesn’t it. But wait, it isn’t over yet. The trick is Forget about Success and Dream of Excellence. 

A very simple thing, a thing(trick) that can easily get success come to your doorstep. Yeah, it’s true. And it works in every field, be it teaching, engineering, writing or even in the entertainment industry. To be successful you just need to focus on sharpening your abilities and working on your skills and the trick is done.

So what are the things that you need? Yeah, you need concentration, focus towards your goal; hard work and determination to achieve what you want. But while doing this just remember that at no point should there come any thought of achieving success in your mind. You must be totally dedicated towards excelling the field that you have choosen and when you are excellent in your field who in the world can stop you from being successful. But always remember never let success take control of your mind as it always leads in growing pride in you (Pride : an unreasonable conceit of one’s own superiority in talent, beauty, wealth, rank etc.). And pride is very harmful in the path of growth of any being, in fact it is the biggest obstruction post by us in our own path of achieving what we desired.
The thought of being superior should never come in your mind.

So, in short, what you need in order to be successful-

  • Forget about success
  • Work towards excellence
  • Sharpen your abilities and work on your skills
  • Hard work and determination
  • Don’t think of success
  • Never let the feeling of being superior come to your mind
And when you are done with all of the above and listed things with full determination, no one can stop you from being what you wanted to be, SUCCESSFUL.

Thank You.

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