One Sided Lover – 1

One Sided Lover – 1

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence. Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s goes another story. Now this story is different from all others I’ve wrote so far. Hope you all like this too. Also follow me on FacebookInstagramTwitterQuoraTumblr and Pinterest and also this site to get the latest updates. You can also drop me a message on any platform to give your reviews.

One Sided Lover – Part 1

“Damn! Who made him a teacher man!” I said looking at Sadiq who was teaching mechanics to us while I was sitting wit Rehaan at the back bench. “Quota!” Rehaan said. “Yes yes yes. This thing sucks with this nation. Politics is fucking us.” I said. “And we’re fucking no one. Pity on us man!” Rehaan said. And we laughed. “Let’s get the  last year papers after this class.” I said. “For what?” He asked. “This fucker will give the questions for the internal test from them only.” “I’ve just 50 rupees in my pocket.” “And the papers are of 30 rupees. Done!” “Fuck you bro!” Rehaan was the son of a farmer in Bulandshahr and came to Delhi for studies. After the class we headed towards the photocopy shop in the college for the papers. “I’m hungry, let’s get juice first!” I said. “Okay. Let’s go.” Rehaan said. We took two small glasses from the canteen which was just beside the photocopy shop, and went to the photocopy shop after that. “I don’t have enough money for this juice daily. These 50 rupees were the last I had for this month. The next five days are going to be tough.” Rehaan said. “I know.” I replied.  

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  “Then did you.. damn it!” He said. “Look behind.” I said with a wink. He looked behind, and saw Erisha at the photocopy shop. She was our batch mate, from a different section, who had captured Rehaan’s heart from the very first day of the college, and till today, in the final year of college he has not admitted his feelings for her. “Let’s go Rehaan.” I said. “Where to? I’ve just 10 rupees now.” He asked. “Go and talk to her dumbass.” I said. “I can’t Adi.” He said reluctantly. “You can Rehaan. Let’s go now.” And we kicked off to the photocopy shop. “Bhaiya, give two previous year papers of physics final year.” I said and took a step back to let the two be together and let that mysterious gravity of the girl act. Erisha turned to her right only to find Rehaan gaping at her. A strand of her hair were kissing her cheekbones. Her eyes were as calm as a sea and it seemed as if they blinked at her will. Her soft thin lips were the bows which were constantly shooting the arrows of love and melting the heart of the one sided lover. A moment of silence prevailed as Rehaan wasn’t able to utter a word. “Hi.” Erisha said. “Hello.” Rehaan replied trying to be calm but he was having goosebumps. “Why are you taking the papers this early?” She asked. Rehaan excitedly replied, “There are two things. One, they’re cheaper now.” “You’re cheap man!!” I thought. “And second, that Sadiq is gonna give all the questions of the internal test from these only.” He continued. She smiled uneasily, while her fingers were busy playing with her hair that were tousled by the table fan that the shopkeeper kept. The shopkeeper then came and handed over the photocopy of papers to Rehaan and the photocopy of a book which Erisha ordered. “How much? For Both?” Rehaan said, emphasizing the last two words. “Much better!” I thought. “Hey, no. You need not pay for it, I’ll pay.” Erisha said. “40 for the papers and 40 for this copy, total 80 rupees.” The shopkeeper said. Rehaan pulled out his wallet and said, “No Erisha its alright, let me pay.” Rehaan opened his wallet and found a two-rupee coin there with a ten rupee note. I ran to him and handed him four hundred rupee note and said, “Hey, take your change from the canteen!” “Oh thanks!” Rehaan said and passed on a hundred rupee note to the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper returned him 20 rupees back. “Thanks for this Rehaan.” Erisha said. “It’s alright Erisha. It doesn’t matter who pays.” Rehaan said. Erisha smiled and said, “Bye.” “Bye.” Rehaan said. I too waved a bye to her. “Thanks a lot brother!” Rehaan said to me. “Touch my feet.” I said. And he hugged me. “How did you know that she’s gonna come here?” Rehaan asked. “I saw her here before the lecture and the shopkeeper asked her to return after an hour. So I came here after the lecture with you and when I saw her book still kept at the table, I took you to the canteen.” I said. “Damn you! You’re genious bro!” Rehaan exclaimed. “I know.” I said. “But you could’ve told me this earlier.” Rehaan said. “When you were standing with her you were having goosebumps. If you knew about all this earlier you might have fell unconscious.” I said. And we both laughed and left.  

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