Do You Know?

Do You Know?

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence. Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Now, coming back to English with this one. Written with love, again. Hope you all like this too. Also follow me on FacebookInstagramTwitterQuoraTumblr and Pinterest and also this site to get the latest updates. You can also drop me a message on any platform to give your reviews.


I wasn’t asleep that day, But cherishing the moment when you were looking at me with that smile, Running your hands through my hair. Do you know, that I was l looking at you with my right eye a lil open? I bet you don’t.

Hitting a target was never a big deal, But that day when you challenged me to throw the paper ball in the bin, I missed the target. Do you know, that I did that just to see that flawless, childish laughter? I bet you don’t.

Most people haven’t seen me talk much, But you always call me ‘pagal’ for my silly jokes and tell me to shut up. Do you know, that, yes I am ‘pagal’, but just for you and that all the things I say come out by themselves when I’m with you? I bet you don’t.

Overloaded with Love, are your writings, people say, But you always say one thing “Who is she? Tell me if I’m your friend.” And I always end up saying “No one.” But, Do you know, that you are that sun, whose rays, are what I always praise? I bet you don’t.

The girl is you’ll get is going to be super lucky, you said last night, But what if I tell you that I’ve got that girl, and I’m super lucky that I’ve got her. Do you know, that all my love and all my prayers are just for you and that everything that happen to me with you is out of the blue? I bet you don’t.

You said that I could get any girl, But how do I tell this to my mind, and my heart, who’ve found a home in you. Do you know, that I’ve realized it, a bit slow, that you’re all I have and everything I own? I bet you don’t.

You were the sunrise, but I was late to rise, But, now, the dawn is not too far and I ain’t gonna sleep, coz looking at you, I sigh, and your charm is what gives me a different kind of high. Do you know, that I can do anything for you and that I love you/ I bet you do. But you don’t want to.

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