One Sided Lover – 2


One Sided Lover – 2

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence. Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s goes the final part of One Sided Lover, a story of this modern India. Now this story is different from all others I’ve wrote so far. Hope you all like this too. Also follow me on FacebookInstagramTwitterQuoraTumblr and Pinterest and also this site to get the latest updates. You can also drop me a message on any platform to give your reviews. Link For Part 1 : One Sided Lover – Part 1

One Sided Lover – Part 2

The next day when I came to college and was about to enter the canteen I saw both of them sitting there. I took a cup of tea and watched them from a corner. The unusual silence was greatly reduced and the awkwardness of what to ask next had almost gone. Days disappeared and months passed just like that. I would watch them from over a corner observing the disappearing silence and the awkward ‘what to ask next’. Things between them were natural, and the level of comfort they felt with each other was increasing just like the population of bacteria increase. Rehaan often told me, “You know Adi, she’s the one. She is the one who is meant to be in my life. I can’t imagine my life without her. She completes me man! I love her more than anything else in this world.”  

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  It was 26th of January, the whole nation was celebrating the Republic Day, but Rehaan had other plans. He called Erisha in front of the college gate at 5 in the evening. He had finally decided to tell Erisha everything he felt for her. Rehaan had reached at the tea stall near the college at 4 and was enjoying his tea in the cold weather while a couple of uncles were discussing about the speech Modi gave that day. Rehaan always ignored all those political debates and discussions. He was calm and silent, but the silence was broken by a phone call. He took out his phone in the hope that it’s a call from Erisha, but it was an unknown number. “Hello?” Rehaan said softly. “Am I talking to Rehaan from Bulandshehr?” The voice over the phone asked. “Yes. Who is it?” Rehaan asked. “Rehaan I’m inspector Surjit Singh from Bulandshehr. I’m sorry to inform you that an agitated crowd have beaten your parents to death after finding a cow murdered in your fields.” Rehaan was silent, he cut the call. ‘Inspector Surjit Singh’ truecaller showed. He opened TOI website and found that it was true. He closed his eyes. Erisha reached the college gate at 5 but found that Rehaan wasn’t there. She called him but he didn’t responded. She called him again, and again but no replies. She then called me. “Yes Erisha.” I said. “Adi, do you know where Rehaan is? He called me at the college but he isn’t here and he is also not picking up my phone.” She said. “Okay, wait. I’ll go to his room then.” I said. “I’m also coming.” She said. Half an hour later, we both were outside Rehaan’s room. There were several slaps and knocks on his door, but nobody answered except for the neighbouring roomies coming out. I started getting restless and finally with no option left, I pushed the door hard. With a cracking sound, the door flung open.  

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  Erisha cringed, I froze. Rehaan was hanging on the ceiling fan. His calm eyes were seemingly tired of relentless weeping. He was wearing the same shirt today. The shirt which had embraced the memories of the mechanics chorus, the shirt which was the witness of my plans and her first talk with her… Erisha walked in with her numb legs, a small note was lying on the floor. She unfolded it to read. It said… Erisha, do you know why I called you in the evening? Just to say that I love you more than anything else. You know this, right? I loved my country a lot too, but I remained a one sided lover both for you and my country… She squeezed the paper which was wet by his tears. Tears were still making it wet. Rehaan broke the shackles on the eve of Republic day. He slept with his eyes open!

This can’t be the End! THINK!


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