Just Me And You – Part 6

Just Me And You – Part 6

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

When Love Strikes You

Same day, 10:00 PM

Me: “Hey buddy, how was it.”

Eddy: “See, I can’t describe it as beautifully as you do it. But let me just try.”

Me: “Haha! Okay. Go ahead.”

Eddy: “She was always late, for everywhere, be it our classes or hangout or anywhere, she was never on time. Yesterday I called her at 7, and after waiting for her, I was about to leave at 7:30. But then, I remembered, that she was always late. So waited for another half an hour and then, at 8, she entered the restaurant. Watching her, I could’ve said that nothing has changed, she was still like that, came running, breathing heavily, hair seemingly unmanaged, but, beautiful in the true sense. She came to me with the same smile that she always carried, the smile that won me; the smile, for which, I could give anything. We sat, started talking about our lives, old memories and then the last year. And then, I knew, that she isn’t the same. She was seeming like an old poem, that I once knew, which now sounds utterly incomprehensible. Whatever happened in the past year, have destroyed her from inside….. You know, the day she left, I replaced the actual flowers in the vase with paper flowers. I was so desperate to see how things look when they stay. Same was her case. Till now I was seeing things from just my point of view, but now, it isn’t.”

Me: “Who said you can’t describe beautifully. You see, when words come straight from your heart, they already are beautiful. And when am I meeting her?”

Eddy: “What would you do?”

Me: “The same thing you did after meeting Ayushi.”

Eddy: “You’ll recite her a poem?”

Me: “If I get a chance.”

We both laugh.

*Phone buzzes*

Eddy picks up the phone and smile.

Me: “Whose text is that?”

Eddy: “Piya piya o piya piya.”

We laugh.

Me: “What’s in the text? The date was good?”

Eddy: “I was broken and crying from inside, but the way you held me, it felt home.”

Me: “And what are you gonna reply?”

Eddy: “Wait.”

He types the text, and show me the phone.

“When there will be no hope, no love, no care. Just know, that I’ll be still there.”

Me: “Is that what love did to you? You’ve improved your words hell a lot.”

Eddy: “Haha! Hey let’s go to sleep, I’m tired.”

Me: “You were on a date, I wasn’t, I’m still hungry.”

Eddy: “Eat and sleep. I’m off.”

Me: “Goodnight son!”

Next day, 8:00 PM

Me: “Eddy, what happened? You’ve been blushing the whole day.”

Eddy: “Piya kissed me yesterday.”

Me: “Seriously? And you’re telling me now.”

Eddy: “In my dreams.”

Me: “Oh come on!”

Sunday, 10:00 AM

I and Eddy go to meet Piya.

Me: “Hey Piya.”

Piya: “Hi.”

Me: “I think you must be tired coz you’ve been running thru my mind all day.”

Piya: “Woah! Both of you are too good.”

Me: “Haha! Thanks.”

Me(looking at Eddy): “Hey, why are you quiet Eddy? Do you want me to introduce you both?”

Eddy: “No. No. Please don’t.”

Eddy tries to shut me.

Me: “He is my brother Eddy. He is smart, loyal, nice, but like the best of all, he gives awesome blowjobs.”

Eddy hides his face. But Piya gives an amazing laugh.

Piya: “Aww, poor you, Eddy.”

Me: “So what are you upto now?”

Piya: “I’m fulfilling my dream now.”

Me: “And what’s that?”

Piya: “I make new gadgets.”

Me: “Woah! That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. But I just went in for future security.”

Piya: “I never thought of this. But I’ve gradually grown interest in this field.”

Me: “It takes one heartbreak to know what you exactly want in life.”

Piya: “True that!”

Eddy: “And here comes the pretty girl.”

I turn around to see Ayushi coming. She come and hug all of us.
My phone rings.

Me: “Excuse me.”

Eddy(to Ayushi): “If you were words on a page, you’d be a fine print.”

Ayushi: “Woah! Haha! Thanks a lot!”

Piya: “Both of these friends are alike.”

Ayushi: “True!”

Eddy: “Umm.. no. Not friends, brothers.”

Piya: “Oh, okay.”

Eddy: “She is Ayushi. Adi’s girlfriend.”

Ayushi: “Umm.. no.”

Me: “Eddy, I’ve got a call from my college. I’ll be back in an hour and I’m taking Ayushi with me.”

Eddy: “Okay, but..”

Me: “I’m in a hurry now, talk to you later.”

Eddy: “Okay bye.”

Me: “Bye. Come Ayushi.”

Eddy: Let’s go Piya. We’ll have something to eat then.

In the restaurant..

Piya: “Thanks for holding me with my broken heart.”

Eddy: “I’ll fix you and your broken heart.”

Piya: “Its ok like this.”

Eddy: “I can’t let it be… Things that are beautiful can’t just lie being broken.”

Piya: “Yes, but I’m not a ‘thing’.”

Eddy: “I was talking about your heart idiot… Can’t let it be like that.”

Piya: “Why?”

Eddy: “There are certain things that I adore. And I can’t let ’em be broken.”

Piya: “And things can never go back to the way they were.”

Eddy: “But you can try and rebuild them, for, the charisma is never lost. It’s just forgotten, and can be brought again.”

Piya: “I don’t think so… Once changed u can’t go back to the person u were before.”

Eddy: “You can change your attitude, but what about that charisma that you always carry with you. It lies in the core of your beautiful heart. It just gets hidden, you just need to uncover it again.”

Piya: “I’m speechless.”

Eddy: “You are and you always have been beautiful, from the core of your heart. Some bad incidents may change your attitude, but can’t take that sweetness out of you.”

Piya: “And what if one day they change that as well?”

Eddy: “We can’t ever change ourselves. But just wear a mask. You can only act in that “changed” way, hiding the originality, that’s hidden in there.”

Piya: “Speechless again.”

Eddy: “The outer circumstances can sometimes force you to wear a mask. But that sweetness is always present in there.”

Piya: “How can you say this?”

Eddy: “Your eyes reveal more about you than your words can ever will.”

Piya: “And when did you notice my eyes?”

Eddy: “Everytime I see you. And you can’t stop me from admiring the beautiful things around me.”

Piya: “You are lying.”

Eddy: “I either speak the truth or sarcasm. No lies… And there are times when I just joke, or flirt. But in moments like these, I just speak my heart out. And the words coming outta there are always the true.”

Piya: “You leave me speechless.”

Eddy: “No matter how many times you say that you’ve changed, the truth is that you’re just hiding that real you. Waiting for someone to come and uncover it, setting you free.”

Piya: “And I think that someone doesn’t exist. Or if he exists, am I worth for him.”

Eddy: “The guy you wanted to keep didn’t stay, and now you keep pushing everyone away, of the fear that they, at the end, will too hurt you and leave. But miss, let me just tell you, right things are always meant to happen to the right people, it may just take some time. The right guy will eventually try and make his way, make sure you don’t “push” him away.”

Piya: “And what if I did that… I mean, try to push him away?”

Eddy: “The guy who is meant to be there, tries and tries and eventually makes his way. But, if you keep on doing that, one day, the bridge will break, and you’ll lose him.”

She broke the eye contact and started looking at the ground.

Eddy: “Don’t undermine the efforts of people trying to make place in your life. But make sure that the right one gets the place in that precious heart.”

Piya: “And no one can make out whether or not that person is right.”

Eddy: “Nope. You can tell that. It’s about compatibility, comfort, understanding,  how effortlessly things go, or how things go after all the efforts.
You can be with anyone, spend time with anyone. But you feel a different kind of comfort and relaxation when you’re with “the chosen one”.”

Piya: “Everything is so complicated.”

Eddy: “Things complicate when you try and join the things. Keep it simple. Don’t hustle. The right person will eventually make his way.”

Piya: “Thank you.”

Eddy: “Don’t let anyone steal the charm of your persona. Don’t let anyone bring tears in your eyes. Those pearls have the power to make time stand still. So remember, no one, absolutely no one, have got the right to make them wet.”

Piya: “Will remember that for sure.”

Eddy: “Don’t wear that mask just because someone didn’t understood how precious the previous you was. Always be the original you. That simple, sweet, calm, innocent and idiot girl.”

Piya: “Dude, seriously thank you so so so very much.”

Eddy: “Umm.. modification… Replace thank with love. It’ll be better.”

Piya: “You’ll never stop flirting with me. Will you?”

Eddy: “No chance.”

Ayushi and I arrive.

Me: “Hey! I’m back.”

Piya: “Hi! Ayushi we want to ask you something.”

Ayushi: “Yeah. Say.”

Piya: “Eddy introduced you as Adi’s girlfriend but you said no. Why?”

Ayushi: “Adi will explain it better.”

Me: “In the current situation, we meet in a week or two. I’m busy, so at most I talk to her for an hour a day over call or text. What if she gets sad? What if she cries? What if she breaks down? I’ll not be with her. And in a situation, where I call her mine, I can’t let her cry. So, we’re just friends. In this way we’ll understand each other better and know what each other’s company feels like. And it’s after our marriage, that I’ll call her mine. And after that, I’ll never a single drop of tear come into her eyes…. I’ll cut the onions myself.”

Everyone laugh.

The End.
Is it.?

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