Just Me And You – Part 5


Just Me And You – Part 5

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

And They met Again

2 days later

Eddy: “Adi.”

Me: “Yes son!”

Eddy: “I wanna tell you something.”

Me: “Yeah. Say.”

Eddy: “I met Piya at the party.”

Me: “Who Piya? Which party?”

Eddy: “At Rahul’s birthday party.”

Me: “Okay. And who Piya?”

Eddy: “My friend dude.”

Me: “Which friend?”

Eddy: “Come on fucker.”

Me: “What?”

Eddy: “Shut this fucking laptop off first.”

Me: “Hmm, wait.”

Eddy go out. I look up, he’s not there.


Me: “Hey brother!”

Eddy: “Fuck off!”

Me: “Hey, sorry no. I was preparing my paper. Say.”

Eddy: “I met Piya at Rahul’s birthday party.”

Me: “And Piya… is that friend whom you loved and who ran away with someone.”

Eddy: “Um, yes.”

Me: “How is she now?”

Eddy: “That guy, I warned her about, left her.”

Me: “Woah. So she lives in Delhi now?”

Eddy: “Yeah. Her parents didn’t allowed her to live with them again.”

Me: “So she lives alone now?”

Eddy: “Yes. I’m talking to her since that day.”

Me: “That’s awesome.”

Eddy: “But she seems quite reserved now.”

Me: “You know what she went through. It’s pretty amazing that she’s chosen to live by herself now.”

Eddy: “Yeah. I know.”

Me: “When are you going to meet her?”

Eddy: “Haven’t asked her yet.”

Me: “Then what are you waiting for dumbass?”

Eddy: “The right time.”

Me: “It is now. Ask her when is she free and then take her out for lunch or dinner.”

Eddy: “Ok. I’ll next her. She’s not online now.”

Me: “Make her comfortable. Let her calm down. Make her forget everything that happened.”

Eddy: “I surely will.”

Me: “Good. May I go now?”

Eddy: “Yes. Go. Continue your work.”

Me: “Thanks.”

Sunday, 8:00 PM

*She enters the restaurant.*

Eddy: “If I had a Thousand bucks for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I would have a thousand bucks.”

Piya: “Woah! That’s hell of a way to greet someone.”

Eddy: “You aren’t just someone for me.”

Piya: “Umm… Let’s go to the table.”

Eddy: “Okay. So you haven’t changed at all. Still late. I called you at 7.”

Piya: “I’m so sorry yar.”

Eddy: “No problem.”

Eddy Pulls out chair for her.

Eddy: “You know after half an hour, I’d left, but as I reached the gate, I remembered that you were never on time.”

Piya: “Haha! One year, and still you remember everything.”

Eddy: “You never really left for me .”

Piya: “Umm..”

She try to avoid the eye contact.

Eddy: “I know things weren’t easy the past year. And a lot has changed. But trust me, I’m not included in that ‘lot’. I’m the same Eddy that I was an year ago.”

She smiles.

Piya: “Thanks a lot Eddy. I don’t think if anyone can be sweeter.”

Eddy: “You are.”

Piya: “You leave me speechless at times.”

Eddy: “You need not talk, just smile. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.”

Piya: “And then comes your awesome flirting skills.”

Eddy: “Words just come out of me as I see you.”

Piya: “Is it? Or you’re just too good?”

Eddy: “Well, you’re free to judge.”

Piya: “Haha! Great.”

After dinner, they go out for a walk.

Eddy: “You’ve changed a lot Piya.”

Piya: “May that’s how it was meant to be.”

Eddy: “No. This can never be it. You aren’t meant to be like this.”

Piya: “The conditions, my decisions, nothing is going right since last year. I don’t think I can withstand this pressure.”

Eddy: “What if you were meant to be a diamond, but you decided you just couldn’t stand the pressure.”

Piya: “You’ll never stop believing in me. Will you?”

Eddy: “Nope.”

Piya: “Then it’s the time now. Stop doing that. I don’t like it. I just want to be alone.”

Eddy: “Then why did you agree to come here with me? Why have you been talking to me since we’ve met?”

Piya: “Okay, it was my mistake. I apologise.”

Eddy: “There’s nothing same. Not a thing similar to the old Piya. You just want to run away from everything and at the same time want to be hold by someone. But the problem is that you keep pushing people away because someone you wanted to keep didn’t stay.”

Piya keeps quiet. Her head down, looking towards the ground. Tears roll down her face.
Eddy cups her face in his arms.

Eddy: “And with this, that’s the last time I wanna see you cry. Forget everything and move ahead.”

Piya: “But why are you like this? So sweet, caring and doing every possible thing for me. Why? I have never done anything for you. I haven’t even given you the proper attention that you’ve always deserved.”

Eddy: “Is all that necessary? I’ve done all those things just because I’ve always adored you. And now, after all this, how can you not let me fall for you, after seeing how you’re carrying your scars?”

She leans forward and puts her head on his chest.

Piya: “I’m sorry Eddy. I haven’t..”

Eddy: “Shush! I don’t want you to remember anything from the past. Forget everything… except me.”

And they both laugh.
Eddy cups her face in his arms, leans his head forward, Piya close her eyes and Eddy kisses Piya.. on her forehead.

Eddy: “You see, that’s the perfect place for the landing of my lips.”

And Eddy gives her a tight hug.

To be continued…

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