Just Me And You – Part 4

Just Me And You – Part 4

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Jab Eddy met Her

After a little pause, I said, “I didn’t think I would ever fall in love again. I know that everyone says that after a heartbreak, but the difference is that I’m not heartbroken. I’m not cynical, or pessimistic, or sad. I’m just someone who once felt something bigger than anything else I’d ever felt and when I lost it, I honestly believed I would never have that again. But… I was 22 then and life is long. And I’m feeling things right now that I haven’t in a long, long time.”

Eddy: “Woah! Beautiful! Are all you doctorates so good with your words man.”

Me: “Damn! I was serious, fucker.”

Eddy: “Oh. Yeah. So finally my dear brother Aditya is in love. I had started thinking that you’ll never fall in love after Riya. Because I know you for more than 3 years and on an average, once in a month, you go out with a girl, but it has just increased your female friend count. But Thank God! You’ll not die a virgin now.”

Me: “I’ve now, eventually, fallen for someone. And if the things go right, I’ll surely not die a virgin.”

Both of us laugh.

Eddy: “Tell her everything then.”

Me: “I’ll. Waiting for the right time. May be the next date.”

Eddy: “Good. And when will I get to meet her.”

Me: “Soon son!”

Eddy: “Fuck off!”

And he goes inside the room. I laugh and then go to change clothes and order food for my brother.

Same Day, 11:00 PM

I message her on Instagram.

Me: “I don’t remember the last time when I felt so comfortable in someone’s company other than Eddy. Thanks.”

Ayushi: “I think, I kinda have the same feelings.”

Me: “I’m sailing on it right now.”

Ayushi: “Can’t wait to meet you again.”

Me: “Well miss, it’s an old saying that it’s the space between the bars that holds them. The wait between our date is what’s gonna make it more special.”

Ayushi: “Haha! Alright Sir.”

Me: “And my friend Eddy wants to meet you.”

Ayushi: “Well, I’m not going on a date with him, so I guess he doesn’t need to wait much.”

Me: “Haha! Oh God! We’ll meet soon.”

Ayushi: “Don’t forget to bring Eddy with you.”

Me: “He’ll not let me forget :P.”

Ayushi: “Are you free this Sunday?”

Me: “Absolutely. Never too busy to meet the chosen one.”

Ayushi: “Woah! Gosh! Waiting for Sunday then.”

“Eddy,” I shout, “Come here.”

Eddy: “Yes my son.”

Me: “I’ve something for you. First call me dad.”

Eddy: “You’ve failed me son!”

Me: “Gosh! You’ve got the worst comebacks.”

Eddy: “I’m not a doctorate man. Come on, tell me.”

Me: “We’ll go out on Sunday.”

Eddy: “Where?”

Me: “Where would you like to meet your Bhabhi?”

Eddy: “Fuck! I’m going to meet an Angel.”

Me: “Haha! I’m calling her on the front gate of Five Senses and from there we’ll go for a movie.”

Eddy: “Can’t wait for sunday now.”

Sunday, 11:00 AM

Me: “Don’t you dare to use those pick up lines now.”

Eddy: “No way bro. Relax.”

Eddy: “See, here she comes.”

The fresh grassy green color swirl into an Atlantic Blue as she gaze at me. As I stare, I can feel myself become hypnotize by the changing colors. She smile and spots of gold dance in her irises and grow to swallow the blue.

She come and I hug her.
Ayushi: “Hey guys.”

Eddy: “Hey. Umm, was that an earthquake? Or you just rocked my world?”

*Not again*

Ayushi(chuckles): “Woah! You’re good.”

Eddy: “Thanks miss.”

Me: “ Come let’s get in the car.”

After Ayushi got in.

Me: “I told you not to use those lines.”

Eddy: “She liked it man. Chill.”

Me: “Hm. You know Eddy, my parents warned me about the drugs and freaks in the streets, but never the ones with the hazel eyes and the heartbeats. As I looked into her eyes, I could feel her searching deep into my soul. Yes, she is the one.”

After a while in the car, Ayushi say, “Where is your girlfriend Eddy?”

Me: “Bhai doesn’t have one. He had a friend whom he loved, but she ran away with her boyfriend.”

And I laugh.

Ayushi: “Aww.. stop laughing Adi. He is sweet, he’ll get someone soon.”

Me: “Ahaa, Sure, why not. But he loved her a lot. He wrote a poem for her too.”

Ayushi: “Really? That’s so sweet. Hey Eddy, recite the poem no.”

Eddy: “Anything else left to share sir? You forgot to tell her that I wear L sized Lux Cozy undergarments.”

Both of us laugh.

Ayushi: “Why are you getting angry? It’s alright if you don’t wanna share it with me now. May be some day later.”

Eddy: “No, no, I absolutely love it when people listen to that poem calmly and feel the feelings I wrote it with. It’s just some people don’t ask permission.”

Ayushi: “Haha! Okay, forgive him now. I’m listening.”

Eddy: “It’s in Hindi and the title is ‘Ye Zaroori To Nahi Hai Na Yaar.’

Mai har khwab me tera hi deedar karu, toot jau, par fir bhi tujhse hi pyaar karu,
Par tu bhi kare mujhse pyaar, ye zaroori to nahi hai na yar.

Tere sath rehna chahta tha, in chote rishto se badhkr kuch khaas chahta tha,
Par teri baato me tha tera inkaar, fir bhi mai sb bayaan karu, ye zaroori to nahi hai na yar.

Tujhe hamesha tere bhale k liye daanta, tu roothti fr me manaata,
Yahi hota tha bar bar, par ye sab hamesha hi ho, ye zaroori to nahi hai na yar.

Ham tere husn ke parvane the, teri adaa ke diwane the,
Teri maasoomiyat ke hote the shikaar, par vo sab ab bhi mehsoos karu, ye zaroori to nahi hai na yar.

Aaj bhi dil kehta hai ke tujhe ek bat btaun me, gar tu de izazat to kya kareeb aau me,
Bs bethke krta rahu tera deedar, par tu uski izaazat de mujhe, ye zaroori to nahi hai na yar.

Kal tera khwab tha, khyal tha, bhool gya hu me, ek gazal likhi hai kya use gungunau me,
Tu sune use is bat ka hai intezar, pr tu use sunkr mukammal kare, ye zaroori to nahi hai na yar.

Haa tu vahi ladki hai jise maine poori shiddat se chaha, har khyab hr bat me tera hi zikr paya,
Pr hmesha bankar rha tera yaar, pr is chaahat ko yuhi samet kr rkhu mai, ye zaroori to nahi hai na yar.”

And his eyes go wet.

To be continued…

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