Just Me And You – Part 3

Just Me And You – Part 3

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Date With an angel

2 days later

Eddy: “It’s Saturday. Where are we going today?”

Me: “Not today, tomorrow. Not we, me.”

Eddy: “What? Why? So selfish you’ve become.”

Me: “I’m going on a date tomorrow.”

Eddy: “Seriously? With whom?”

Me: “Ayushi.”

Eddy: “Who is she?”

Me: “The girl I was looking for after Rahul’s party.”

Eddy: “Oh. Yeah. Ayushi. She agreed to go on a date with you?”

Me: “Ofcourse. I asked for dinner and she said soon. I’ll call her to ask for tomorrow.”

Eddy: “Good going brother.”

Me: “Yep.”

Eddy: “Adi, do we’ve any other friend who is committed?”

Me: “Haha! We’ll see.”

Same day, 4:00 PM

*Should I call her or text her? She’s not online now. What if she is busy? But it’s Saturday. May be not. Will she get disturb? And what will I say over the call? Texting is better. But there’s a different impression on call. But what if I run out of words? The present impression too will be vanished.*
And BAM!! My leg hit the bed and I fall on the bed, on Eddy.
Eddy: “Ouch! What the hell. What’s wrong?”

Me: “I’m so sorry. I was engrossed in a self conversation and I fell on you. Go back to your sleep.”

Eddy: “And you were thinking about Ayushi right?”

He just stared at me and no word spilled out of my mouth.

Eddy: “Come on Adi. Falling for someone is just a figure of speech, don’t take it this personal. Stop over thinking and just be that spontaneous smartass that you always are.”

Me: “Yeah. Thanks.”

Eddy: “Now get me a tea for this wonderful advice.”

Me: “Haha! Fuck off.”

Eddy: “Bro please bro!”

Me: “Okay. Wait.”

Same day, 7:00 PM

I dial the number. My heartbeat starts to hike. Three rings down the line, she picks up the phone.

She: “Hello?”

*It’s reality dude, come on, speak up.*

She: “Hello?”

Me: “Am I talking to Miss Ayushi?”

She: “Yeah.”

Me: “Ma’am this is to inform you that a table for two has been booked at Berco’s for tomorrow at 7 PM.”

She: “Okay, but who am I talking to?”

Me: “The guy you are having dinner with.”

She: “Woah! You changed your voice. How?”

Me: “One of my lesser known skills.”

She: “And that fake British accent?”

Me: “Hey miss, I practiced those lines for over 20 times. Acknowledge the effort at least.”

She: “Haha! Sure.”

*Her sound now seems melody to me.*

She: “And what if I say I’m busy tomorrow.”

Me: “Well, you just confirmed your presence miss. And by the way, there isn’t any booking yet. I was confirming your presence. My next call would be to the Berco’s.”

She: “You are an idiot.”

Me: “Yeah! I fell for you, quite literally and its paining.”

She: “I think I know that feeling. And I just can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

Me: “Me too, me too. Alright, I’ve to start the preparations for tomorrow.”

She: “Such long preparations.”

Me: “Worth it, I guess.”

She: “Haha! Go, start your preparations. Bye.”

Me: “Bye. See you.”

Next day, 9:00 PM

Eddy: “So was it?”

Me: “Just too good. It was just unbelievable. She was looking damn sexy. What else should I say.”

Eddy: “Details..”

Me: “You know how much I was prepared. From top to bottom, I was prepared to create an ever lasting impression on her. But the moment she came in my vision… Gosh! I lost my senses. She wore a green full length gown, gold studded earrings and a pearl necklace. She tied her hair in a bun leaving a few stray strands which kissed her cheek and formed a part of her triangular jaw. She walked with a panache which could only come from a smart and confident girl. As she entered the restaurant, she gave me a smile. And bro, that smile, I swear I can give anything just to keep that moment alive, for her smile was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while. I smiled back. As she came to me, she said Hi Handsome! And bro, I swear, that was just it. I was overwhelmed beyond limits and I kept looking at her like a child looks at the rainbow for the very first time. I wasn’t able to utter a word. I gave her the rose I bought for her, but still I wasn’t able to say anything. It was first time that I ran out of words. But she calmed me down and then we started talking. I felt a unique sense of comfort around her.
After the dinner, we went out for a walk and then we headed back to our cars.”

Eddy: “Woah! So the date went quite brilliant. I wish I could see her.”

Me: “When we were about to leave, I asked her ‘Can we’ve a picture together, I wanna make my friend believe that angels do exist.’ You know I’m good at such lines.”

I show him the pic.

Eddy: “Bro, she is damn pretty man. You’re dating an angel dude.”

To Be Continued…

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