Just Me And You – Part 2

Just Me And You – Part 2

Link for Part 1: Best Friends Or More?!

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.
The Day We Met

I and Eddy met at a party last year and after that we’ve never been apart, and have become a family to each other.
We always listen to each other with patience and understanding.

Eddy: “Ok. Come. Let’s get ready. We’ve to attend Rahul’s birthday party today. And I told you to choose some gift for him. Have you?”

Me: “Yes. Gift esa do jo dost k kaam aaye.”

Eddy: “Ohh. Haha! Fogg scent?”

Me: “No bro. Condoms.”

And the series of jokes starts.

Time: 8.00 PM
Place: Rahul’s Home.

Me: “Hey Asshole. Happy birthday.”

Rahul: “Haha! Thanks brother.”

Eddy: “Happy birthday mofo.”

Rahul: “Haha! Suck my dick bro. Come on in, enjoy the party.”

As soon as we take a step ahead, a girl wishes Rahul and listening to that I turn around to take a glimpse of her.

Me: “Hey! Rahul. Come here.”

Rahul: “Yeah. Say.”

Me: “Who was she?”

Rahul: “She is Riya’s best friend.”

Me: “Who the fuck is Riya now.”

Riya: “What the hell. You forgot my name Adi.”

And Riya, Rahul’s girlfriend, hits me from behind.

Me: “Oh. Damn! Yes. Riya. I’m sorry.”

And I start laughing and the couple joins me.

Riya: “Her name is Ayushi. And she is an MBA from Harvard.”

Me: “Oh. Well. Thanks. Instagram username please.”

Riya: “There are some things that you need to earn Mr. Sharma. And moreover neither I nor Rahul use Instagram. But you can go and talk to her now”

Me: “That was pretty helpful. But you know miss I can’t. I’m damn shy.”

Riya: “Haha! Yes. Then do the hard work Sir.”

Me: “Aye aye captain.”

Eddy comes from back and puts his hand on my shoulder.

Eddy: “Hey let’s dance. What are you doing here?”

Me: “Nothing. But I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.”

Eddy: “I’m full. I’ve had my dinner.”

Me: “When? We came here just 10 minutes ago.”

Eddy gives a naughty smile.

Eddy: “Priorities matters bro.”

Next day

The search for the girl starts. Riya doesn’t use Instagram, so search starts in her friend’s Instagram ID.

Me: “Why the hell these girls have so many followers.”

Eddy: “Because people like you stalk girls.”

Me: “Oh. Shut up.”

Eddy laughs.

3 days later

Me: “Eddy bro, come see, I’ve finally got it.”

Eddy: “Got what?”

Me: “Ayushi’s Instagram ID.”

Eddy: “It’s 5 in the morning dude. Are you kidding me? Put this down and sleep.”

Me: “Yes. I’ll sleep. You continue your sleep.”

And a follow request is sent to her.

Same Day, 9:00 PM

Ayushi accepted your follow request, pops up the notification. And I jump up with delight.

‘Took me 4 days to find your ID.’ I text her.
An hour later, a notification pops up, Ayushi messaged you.

Ayushi : ‘Aww… So much of hard work.’

Me: ‘Yeah. But good things take time I guess.’

Ayushi: ‘Haha! Absolutely’

Me: ‘So, MBA from Harvard, quite intellectual.’

Ayushi: ‘So you’re fully prepared :P.’

Me: ‘I complete my research before stepping in to do something :B.’

Ayushi: ‘The nerdy stuff.’

Me: ‘Haha! But I’m not introvert.’

Ayushi: ‘I can sense.’

Me: ‘So did you called me a nerd?’

Ayushi: ‘Who carries a book to the party?’

Me: ‘So you noticed me.’

Ayushi: ‘I couldn’t help it.’

Me: ‘Are you flirting with me?’

Ayushi: ‘Aahh.. what do you think.’

Me: ‘Why won’t you flirt with the guy who stole your attention amongst 100 people.’

Ayushi: ‘Haha! You’re too good.’

Me: ‘Just get better when I talk to beautiful people.’

Ayushi: ‘Are you flirting with me?’

Me: ‘Aahh.. what do you think?’

Ayushi: ‘Haha! So what’s up?’

Me: ‘Just stalking your profile. You’re prettier without makeup.’

Ayushi: ‘You liked 50 of my pics. I just saw the notifications.’

Me: ‘Well, I appreciate what’s beautiful.’

Ayushi: ‘Now you’re definitely flirting with me.’

Me: ‘Absolutely Yes. See I’m talking to a very beautiful girl and I’m getting instant replies. I’m good at picking up hints I guess. I’m not a wuss.’

Ayushi: ‘Then what are you?’

Me: ‘People are free to judge.’

Ayushi: ‘I like the modest people.’

Me: ‘Were those compliments in disguise?’

Ayushi: ‘ Why do you need to convert my generalisations to attributions?’

Me: ‘ May be the same reason for “Why do we play games”.’

Ayushi: ‘Haha! You’re so good with your words’.

Me: ‘All credit goes to the books I’ve read.’

Ayushi: ‘Yes. I saw your love for books, that you carry them to parties too.’

Me: ‘Haha! I just forgot to keep it in the car.’

Ayushi: ‘Yeah. You love them pretty too much.’

Me: ‘Yes.’

Ayushi: ‘You know, honestly, when you left the party, I thought I missed the chance to talk to you. And today your text made me very happy.’

Me: ‘I had some work back home. So I left early. But it feels good that pretty girls want to talk to me.’

Ayushi: ‘Haha! Yes yes why not.’

Me: ‘So, can I compensate for the chance you missed with a dinner?’

Ayushi: ‘Soon.’

Me: And your mobile number?’

Ayushi: ‘9013963″#@’

Me: ‘Okay. Time to go. Talk to you later.’

Ayushi: ‘Okay bye.’

To Be Continued…

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