Just Me And You


Just Me And You

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Best Friend or More?!

“She was honestly the best girl I had met.
Let me tell you about my past, I was in a government boys school till 12th. And when I entered college, I was overwhelmed with the beauty I was watching there, because it was the first time in my life I was watching beauty in bulk.
On the eighth day of college, I saw her. And you’ll think that I’m exaggerating, but for the whole lecture, I was just looking at her and the ‘Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar’ tune was playing continuously in my mind.
For the rest of the week I was quite busy, searching her name and number, and at last, I got what I wanted and I finally texted her.
And then we started talking, over the chat initially and then in college too. The chat duration started to increase gradually and we started talking on call.
It was the first time I was talking to a girl, and that too for such long time. I was overwhelmed beyond limits.
We became friends and then best friends. Our bond grew stronger with time. At the end of 1st year, we both knew a lot about each other. We were always together in college, we both always took leave on the same day, we always went to movies together. In a year’s time, she had become my world.
I used to ask myself that ‘Why is she so special to me?’ And the answer I always got was, ‘She is Love. She makes broken look beautiful and strong looks invincible. In the 21 years of my life, I’ve never been able to strike conversation with any girl as it was pretty hard for me. But she is just magic. It was always, from the beginning, effortless, for me talking to her, things just flew by themselves between us, always giving me the hint that she is the one. Being with her always makes me feel home.
She is truly beautiful for true beauty lies in the innocence of a person. And the confidence that she carries makes her even more beautiful.’
You know, no matter how or where I was, it always felt like home when I was with her. It was an energy boost, a little extra skip in your step, a smiling face smiling back at you and a warm hand to hold. It was always comforting to look forward to see her the next day. It was a wanting to melt into her and never let the moment go because there just wasn’t enough time together.
So was it love, or wasn’t it? I wasn’t able to decide. But the thing I knew for sure was that she meant everything to me.
In next two years of my graduation our bond just grew stronger. We were familiar with each other families, had developed common likes and dislikes.
And then came the high time, the end time of our graduation. I was going to opt for MSc. and she was going for MBA. And by that time I knew that it was her with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life with. So after the convocation ceremony, we went out for dinner and then for a walk towards her home where I proposed her, and in the most unromantic way possible.
It was just like we were walking and I said, “Priya, I love you.” And she said I love you too idiot. And then I said, “No, Priya, I mean, will you be my girlfriend.” And she said exactly what I thought, “Shut up Adi.”
I stopped my steps.
“What happened Adi?” She asked.
“I’m serious Priya.” I said.
“But we are best friends, right?” She said.
“But I want more, I want you, completely. You’re the only one who has been able to understand me in all these years and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.”
“But, Adi..” She went out of words.
“Say yes or no Priya. We’ve moved out of college and I don’t think we’ll meet now. So be clear. Yes or No.” I said firmly.
“Um, Adi..” She was hesitant.
“Answer me Priya.” I said while looking straight into her eyes.
She broke the eye contact, and said No.
I put a step ahead and hugged her.
“Adi, listen..” She tried to talk. But I shushed her. And after a minute I left saying goodbye.
I was in tears on the way back and that was the last time I met or talked to her. And I got to know that there are far too many casualties in love and yet no one is ever held responsible for committing this sin.
I don’t know if I was right or wrong at that time. But that decision surely helped me in my life. I was selected in the integrated MSc PhD course in IIT Delhi. And what I learnt from that was ‘Stop chasing people who won’t even slow down or stop for you. You deserve better, remember.’
After Priya, I became more socialized, my friend list increased and I am a whole new Aditya now.
Now, when I am more socialized, I regularly attend parties and events.” And my eyes go wet.

Eddy: “So that’s the biggest secret of your life and it has finally been revealed.”
And he takes another cigarette out of his pocket and BAM!! comes a slap from me.
“How many times have I told you to stop this.” Saying this I take the cigarette packet from him and throw it away.
I and Eddy met at a party last year and after that we’ve never been apart, and have become a family to each other.

To Be Continued…

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