Amore – Epitome of Love

Amore – Epitome of Love

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.


Epitome of Love


Officer got down, held Ishan, and said, “Hey, calm down young man!”

“It’s not her. It’s not Garima.” Ishan said.

“She must be safe somewhere then. Why are you crying then? You must be happy that it’s not her.”

“Yeah. I’m glad. I don’t know why these came out.”

“Come on. Get up. Let’s go.”

“Yeah.” Ishan said as the Officer helped him get up and they both went back to the Police station.

“Do you wanna lodge a missing complaint for her?” The officer asked.

“She’ll return soon. I believe. No need to look for her.” Ishan said, “Thanks for everything Sir!”

Ishan shook hands with the officer and then left.

He drove back to his flat, went inside and again got lost in the thoughts, thoughts of Garima, remembering their past memories.

Garima: “Ishan..”

Ishan : “Yes.”

Garima: “You know what, I’ve a strange habit.”

Ishan: “Not a, it’s another.”

Garima: “Haha! Yeah yeah, another strange habit.”

Ishan: “And what’s that?”

Garima: “When I don’t like certain things about people, I leave them. I don’t even talk to them or anything like that, just get outta their life completely.”

Ishan: “Oh! That’s why you’re not in touch with Yagini now.”

Garima: “Yeah. She used to do back-bitching.”

Ishan: “But you should talk before leaving.”

Garima: “I don’t wish to. It’s just what my instincts say.”

Ishan: “Great.”

He thought and came back to the reality.

Ishan: “But, I’ve never done anything that she wouldn’t like. Or have I? Oh god!!!”

Ishan started pulling his hair, “You can’t leave like this Garima, you just can’t. I’m all alone here. Please.. God!!” Ishan was on the verge of breaking down when suddenly his phone rang.


Another Love Story : And That’s How It Was Meant To Be


“Ishan..” The voice on the phone said.

Ishan stood up, all surprised, “Garima.. Where..” And Ishan became unable to utter a word.

“I am at the main gate of your society.” Garima said.

“Come up.” Ishan said and went to open the gate of his flat.

As soon as Garima came inside the flat, Ishan hugged her and they remained in that position for around 5 minutes.

Ishan: “Where were you dumbass?”

Garima: “I.. actually.. Ishan..”

Ishan: “What? Say.”

Garima: “I actually went out… for 2 days.. to see.. if I can live without you.. or not.”

“What?” Ishan got surprised, “Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” Garima said looking at the ground.

“Wh.. wh.. why?” Ishan asked.

“I wanted myself to know how important you’re to me.” Garima said with her head still down at the ground.

“Gosh! Come on Garima. You don’t know how yesterday went. How difficult it’d become for me to hold on. You’re ridiculous Garima.” Ishan said angrily and went to his bedroom.

Garima followed Ishan to the bedroom.

“Ishan, I’m sorry. Please, listen to me.”

“No. Get out of here. I don’t wanna talk to you.” Ishan shouted.

“Ishan, please.” Garima said with teary eyes, “I can’t live without you. You know I’m crazy, but this psychopath loves you more than anything. I know the decisions I take, most of the time, are really silly. But I know you’re the only one who can handle this. I need you Ishan. Please.”

Garima fell down on her knees and started crying.

Ishan came to her, sat down and said, “Hey, shhh. Stop crying love.” He then held her face in his arms, wiped her tears and said, “Now, you’re with me and this is the last time i wanna see you crying.”


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“Come.” Ishan said and took Garima to the bed. Garima sat down on the bed, and Ishan went down on his knees.

“Miss Garima, I know you take the stupidest decisions with the worst possible logics. I also that you’re serious psychopath at times, but what should I do now when I’ve fallen in love with this psychopath. So, would you allow me to be with you and handle all the situations preventing you from taking those ridiculous decisions? Would you like to make the rest of your life, the rest of ours?”

Garima was in tears again, but only this time those were of happiness. She stood up, Ishan too stood up and “Yes” she said. Ishan’s eyes went wet and he hugged her, passionately.

“Never leave me again. Don’t you dare to think of that. I’m alone without you.” Ishan said.

“Never. Where will I go leaving the only guy who can handle this psychopath without getting irritated. I love you Ishan. I’m sorry for everything I did till now. I promise it won’t repeat now.” Garima said

“Does that mean that you’ll do something new this time.” Ishan said mischievously.

“Shut up.” Garima said and pushed him.

Ishan held her tight, pushed her closer and kissed her. Kissing her was the most beautiful thing he’d experienced, the touch of those soft lips was mesmerizing and it took him to cloud 9. He could feel Garima’s hand running on his back while he was holding her face.

After close to 5 minutes, they broke the contact and hugged again. Garima was safe now, in Ishan’s embrace.


The Beginning…


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