I Miss You

I Miss You

Hello peeps, how are you all. I hope everything is going great.

I know I haven’t posted anything for while, was just a bit too busy. So here’s next.

A poem that I actually have written for someone very very special and close to my heart.

I hope you’d like it.

I Miss You

I remember it how it all started,
with a fb friend request.
And there was a hint which I didn’t saw,
that I was gonna get the best.

I met you in the most unexpected way,
in a pretty unexpected phase.
Silence was soon replaced by words,
removing the hesitation’s haze.

Chats increased, we started talking too,
and that made me know
That the beauty and perfection in your nature
was the actual reason of your glow.

Strangers turned into friends,
and friends turned to besties.
The time spent with you was always fun,
and the talks were zesty.

3 years down the line,
you were now my bae.
But things took a sharp turn,
I remember that was Saturday.

A heart winning Romantic thriller : Amore

I knew you were already a bit off,
but that was my harsh time too.
I kept on irritating you,
and then with your patience, it broke through.

May be I was wrong,
but I needed you badly.
Your reaction was surprising for me,
and I left sadly.

2 months now, we haven’t talked,
called or met.
But let me tell you,
thinking of you, I still have my eyes wet.

I don’t know if you’ve moved on,
or I am even in your thought.
I just wanna say that,
come back to me, I miss you a lot.


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