Amore – Uncover The Dead Body!


Amore – Uncover The Dead Body!

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.


Uncover The Dead Body!


Ishan went back to his flat but was continuously thinking about Garima. And as he kept on thinking, he got more and more tensed about her.

He went to the bedroom, sat on the bed and started thinking about her. He kept on thinking of all those moments he spent with her, how she became so special for him in just a week’s time. Her beauty, her nature, everything about her was adorable. She was the epitome of love.

All those moments begin playing in his mind on a loop and tears rolled down his eyes.

“I love you Garima. I miss you. Please come back.” He said and broke down.

After an hour, he picked up his phone and dialled her number again.

“The number you’re trying to call is switched off.” Said the computerised voice.

He then called her landlord.

“Hello?” Said the landlord over the call.

“Sir, I’m Ishan, Garima’s friend. I wanted to know if she’s at home.” Ishan said.

“No. She told me yesterday that she was going out for two days.” Landlord said, “Why? Anything wrong?”

“No sir, everything is fine.” Ishan said.

“But you sound tensed young man. Tell me if there’s a problem.” Landlord said.

“No sir. It’s absolutely fine. I’m just a bit tired and still have too much work to do. And actually I needed her help, that’s why I was looking for her.” Ishan said.

“Okay then. She’ll be back by tomorrow night.”

“Okay sir, thanks.”


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Ishan got a hope.

“She’s out for a vacation.” Ishan thought, “But if she really was on a vacation, then she must’ve informed me. She even told me of her night stay at her friend’s house last Saturday. Then why not this! God!”

All of these thoughts occupied his mind. Each of the worst possibilities started striking his mind and he started getting uneasy.

Next morning, Ishan woke up with a call.

“Hello?” Ishan said.

“Am I talking to Ishan?” The person asked.

“Yes.” Ishan said, “Who is this?”

“I am talking from Hauz Khas police station.” He said.

Ishan woke up all of a sudden. All the laziness flew away with that voice. He started to sweat. With a trembling voice, he said, “Yes sir!”

“Mr. Ishan,” He said, “I have called you to inform you that we’ve received the body after the postmortem. You can come and identify it.”

“Okay Sir.” Ishan said and the phone fell down from his hand. He started crying.

“Shh.. Ishan. Don’t panic.” Garima said, “We are and we’ll always be together.”

She held his hand and kept it on his heart.

“See, I’m in here. And no one can make me leave this place. So don’t worry my love, I’m always here with you.” Garima said.

“Yeah.” Ishan said as he woke up after he remembered what Garima said last week.

Ishan woke up, got ready and in half an hour he left for the police station.

As he reached the police station, the officer took him to the hospital where the body was kept.

“Don’t panic man!” The officer said as they were walking towards the mortuary.

“I am trying, Sir!”

“She might not be your friend.”

“Hope so.” Ishan said.


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They stood in front of the mortuary. The officer opened the door and indicated Ishan to follow him. But Ishan was hesitant. He didn’t moved an inch. Officer came back to him and said, “Look young man. Life is not always an easy ride, everyone have got scars that they hide. So don’t worry. Overcome the fear. Face it.”

Ishan took a deep breath, and said, “Yeah. Thanks. Let’s go.”

They went inside the mortuary. Officer asked the attendant where that body was kept. He took them to a body and now the three of them were standing in front of that bed on which that body was kept. Ishan’s heartbeat pressed the accelerator and as the officer took the cloth off it, Ishan sighed, took a deep breath and put his hands on his face. The officer gave a serious look to the attendant, and they went to the other side of the bed where her face was. The uncovered side contained the burnt part of the body.

Ishan went to the other side, his heartbeat again took a rise and as the officer uncovered her face, Ishan fell down on his knees and started crying.

Link for Chapter 7 – Amore – Chapter 7 – And They Met

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