Amore – Raped And Burned!

Amore – Raped And Burned!

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Raped And Burned!

2 weeks later

Ishan was reading the newspaper in the morning.

“Girl raped and burned in South Delhi” the headline read.

“I can’t understand what’s happening in the city and what’s wrong with the people. Damn it!” Ishan said, “It’s completely ridiculous.” And put the newspaper aside and went to get ready for the office.

6:00 PM

After office, Ishan was waiting at the gate for Garima.

“Hey, Ishan.” His senior called, “What are you waiting for? Come.”

“No sir. Actually I’m waiting for Garima.” Ishan said.

“Garima. Oh! So the news I heard was right. You and Garima are dating each other.” His senior said.

“Yeah. It’s right sir.” Ishan said with a smile.

“Woah! Great man! Keep it up!”

“Haha! Sure sir.”

And Ishan bid him bye with a smile.

Half an hour passed, Ishan was still waiting at the office gate.

“Is there any meeting or what? She must’ve called me if there was a meeting.” Ishan thought and went to the third floor to look for her.


“Is there any meeting going on?” Ishan asked the peon.

“No sir. Everyone have gone. I too am leaving now.” Peon said.

“Alright.” Ishan said and they both left.

Ishan dialed her number, but she didn’t picked up the call. Ishan called her again and again, 6 times straight, but no reply. Ishan started to get tensed. He sat in his car and was just thinking of where she should be.

All the possibilities started hitting his mind, “She must’ve been kidnapped. Or she is ill? What if there’s something with her phone? Or something else. But anyways she must’ve informed me. Does she remember my phone number? What if she doesn’t? She’s mad sometimes. What should I do now? But what if it is a prank. But she doesn’t seem to be of that kind. What about..”

“Shit…” Ishan shouted, “The headline today.”

He opened his phone and saw that day’s newspaper. “Girl raped and burned in South Delhi” it said.

Ishan almost went into tears. He got completely blank. He didn’t knew what to do and started to panic.

After 5 minutes, he drank some water and started to think calmly.

He again opened that news to find out the particular area. “A girl was raped and murdered in South Delhi. The body was found near the Hauz Khas village when the locals saw 4 people burning something. When they went near them, the 4 of them started to run, few of the villagers ran behind them and were successful to catch one of them.” The news read. Ishan immediately started his car and left for the Hauz Khas police station.

An hour and a half later, Ishan arrived at the Hauz Khas police station after having the longest car ride he’d ever experienced.

Ishan entered the police station, went to an officer and said, “Sir, I want to enquire about the case of the girl who was raped and burned and was found near the Hauz Khas village.”


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“Are you from press or her relative.” The officer enquired.

“Actually Sir, my friend is missing. She didn’t came to office today, neither she is at her room nor is she picking up the phone.” Ishan said getting a bit panicked.

The officer sensed his restlessness and took him to his cabin.

“Look Mr., the girl found near the Hauz Khas village was already dead before she was burned. Her lower body has completely burned. A guy from the village caught one of the accused and he has admitted that they raped her, murdered her and then tried to burn her body.” The officer said.

Ishan was getting restless as he was listening all that.

“The body have several marks around her neck.”

Ishan broke as he listened to that.

Officer: “Hey, hey, young man. Don’t cry. You haven’t yet confirmed that she is your friend. May be your friend went out somewhere and she lost her phone. Be strong. Wait for tomorrow. Wait if she comes. And yeah, do come here tomorrow evening. We’ll have the body after post mortem. Come and identify that.”

Ishan again got tensed. And the officer said, “And till then, pray that your friend is safe and she’ll return soon.”

Ishan nodded, got up and went back to his car.

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