Amore – A New Morning


Amore – A New Morning

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.


A New Morning


Garima went inside the flat and went straight to the bed.
“Give me some comfortable clothes.” She said.
Ishan: “I don’t have any of your size. I live alone here.”
Garima: “Yours will do perfectly fine. Any lower or shorts and a T-shirt.”
Ishan: “Alright.”
Ishan gave her the clothes, took for himself too and went to the washroom.
After 5 minutes, they both sat together.
“You ran, just after you finished the dinner. Didn’t you?” Garima laughed.
“Ofcourse, how can I leave my food.” Ishan said smiling, “And don’t just leave that to me, you too had started to eat fast when I got up and went to pay the bill.”
“We’re alike no.” Garima said, and they both laughed.
“You know, in school and in college too, I met many guys who claimed to love me. But I could sense that they just wanted to fuck me. It was like they didn’t see me and didn’t give a damn about who am I as a person, they just wanted to hold this flesh.” Garima said as she pulled at her skin for a while, “While growing up, I sometimes would cut myself, just to see if someone cared.”
“What the fuck. Are you crazy?” Ishan got angry at her.
“And you were the first one to notice that.” Garima said.
Ishan: “Oh god! You made that cut yourself. You’re a..”
“Psychopath.” Garima said, “I told you.”
She rolled the lower up to show him the scars on her thighs.
“These are the gifts my uncle gave me.” She said, “Do you still think I’m beautiful.”
“Ofcourse.” He said.
Garima: “Are you sure you don’t wanna fuck me?”
“Ofcourse I do. You’re very attractive and also have an uncanny resemblance with my favourite porn star.” Ishan thought.
“No.” Ishan said, “We can just talk.”
“Have you been to a therapist?” Ishan asked.
“Yeah.” Garima said, “He too made a move on me.”
Ishan remained silent. He just kept looking at Garima. After sometime, she played old Bollywood songs and started humming.
Ishan just sat on the bed, watching her and drinking. Asking her from time to time, if she’s okay.
Soon, she fell asleep. Ishan got up and covered her with a blanket. He then sat next to her, dark circle under her eyes, multiple scars on her left wrist, some even around her neck. Her face drained, hardened by a cruel passage of time.
Ishan kissed her forehead. And then went to sleep too. Right next to her.
Next morning, Garima woke up at 8. She saw Ishan sitting beside her.
“Good morning sweetheart, “ Ishan said, “I’ve made the breakfast. Get up and take a shower.”
“I want bed tea.” Garima said in a childish manner.
“Okay my love. Wait.” Ishan said as he went to get the tea.
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“Here,” Ishan said, “take this.”
Ishan gave the tea to Garima.
“Garima..” Ishan said.
“Yeah.” She said.
Ishan: “I wanna tell you something.”
Garima: “Yeah. Say.”
Ishan: “I talked to my parents about us, I mean our marriage. And I told them about your past. Though they’re very impressed with you, but they’re a bit hesitant with that. You know, the typical Indian parents. I’m sorry babe.”
Garima: “No problem Ishan. I’m used to this.”
Garima got up and went to the balcony.
Ishan went behind her and hugged her from behind.
“I wanna tell you one more thing.” He said.
“Yeah. Say.” Garima said, controlling her tears.
“The thing I told you now,” Ishan said, “was a joke. I was kidding.”
“You…” Garima started hitting him.
“Hey.. sorry.. ouch!” Ishan laughed.
“You scared me fucker!” Garima said.
“I’m sorry.” Ishan said controlling his laugh, “Actually they’re quite happy with me that I got you. And mom said that you’re gonna make me better now.”
“Haha! They’re so sweet.” Garima said.
“And yes. I haven’t talked about our marriage yet. I know you’ve to focus more on your career than me now.” Ishan said.
Garima: “Thank you Ishan. I really love you a lot. And I’m sorry for what I said last night, in the bedroom. I told you I’m a psychopa..”
“Hey, hey, relax… Relax madam. It’s absolutely fine. I can understand. And no matter what, I’ll always love you.” Ishan said and hugged her.
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