Amore – The Haunting Past

Amore – The Haunting Past

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.


The Haunting Past


Ishan stood still. He didn’t knew what to do. He turned back to Garima, she was crying, may be because she didn’t wanted to remember the past memories which haunts her, but she did it now.


Ishan wasn’t able to utter a word, he walked to Garima, wiped her tears, and said, “I.. I am.. I am very sorry Garima. I’m really very sorry.”


Garima held his hand, wiped her tears and said, “Don’t be. Come.”


And they went to Ishan’s car.


Garima: “I’ll tell you everything. Come sit.”


Ishan sat in the car.


Garima: “Drive to your flat. I don’t wanna go to my room tonight.”

Ishan: “Are you sure?”

Garima: “Yeah. Why? You don’t wanna take me there?”

Ishan: “No, no. There’s no problem. Let’s go.”

Garima: “So listen. My..”

Ishan: “Wait Garima. It’s completely alright if you don’t wanna share that. I can understand. I’m sorry.”

Garima: “No. I feel it’s alright to share things with the guy I’m counting on to spend my life with.”


Ishan smiled and said, “I love you Garima.”


Garima: “I love you too Ishan.”


After a couple of minutes, Garima said, “So, my parents died in a car accident. We three were coming back from Dad’s office function and a huge truck hit us from right. You see this mark on my forehead; it’s from that accident only. I survived, mom and dad couldn’t. My paternal uncle took me to his home. I was 14 then, I understood what a great loss I’d suffered from, and was thankful to uncle for the help. But one day he took my thumb impressions on some papers and a week later I found out that those were the papers of my dad’s house. I was angry, I decided to talk to him straight away and as I did that, he slapped me. But I gathered courage and shouted at him. He put his hand on my mouth and took me to another room. He beat me, and then raped me. I was crying for help, but neither my aunt nor his son came.

For the whole night, I was crying, my world came to an end. After that day, I never spoke to anyone in the house. Uncle’s son also started taking advantage of the situation. He would sometimes hold me from the back and rub his penis, and when I pushed him, he used to go away with a smile. I used to sleep in the room where he studied. He started late night studies. When I was asleep, he used to lie beside me and try to slide his hand inside my pants. I would wake up with that and sit in the corner of the bed. Such things started to increase and one day, when no one else was at home he went over me. I couldn’t push him away, I tried my best. He was laughing, tried to remove my clothes, I wasn’t able to do anything.”


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Ishan looked at her, she was breathing heavily. He stopped the car.


Ishan: “Garima.. Garima..”


“I wasn’t able to move myself.” Garima kept on saying.


Ishan held her.


Ishan: “Garima, here, Garima look at me. It’s alright. Calm down.”


“I.. I..” Garima started breathing more heavily.


“Take this, drink some water.” Ishan was getting more worried.


He held Garima and calmed her down.


“Are you okay now?” Ishan asked.


“Yeah. I’m sorry. I get panic attacks whenever I remember those incidents.” Garima said.


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Ishan: “Then don’t. Forget all that. You’re with me now. Just forget everything.”

Garima: “I love you Ishan.”

Ishan: “I love you too sweetheart.”

Garima: “I somehow pushed him aside.”

Ishan: “No. Don’t. Don’t start that again.”

Garima: “The happy part of the story is gonna start now. Listen.”

Ishan: “Okay madam.”

Garima: “So, I pushed him aside somehow, took my purse and ran away from there. I went to the railway station and took a ticket to Delhi. I didn’t know what to do, but to escape from there was my biggest concern.”

Ishan: “Why Delhi?”

Garima: “I wanted to leave asap, and as I reached the station, I heard the announcement that the train to Delhi was going to leave in 5 minutes. So I got on it and landed here. I had no idea what to do then. For 2 days, I was at the railway station, when the station master called me and asked about me. He seemed to be a good man and I told him the whole story. He took me to his cabin, gave me food and ice-cream. In the evening, he took me to an orphanage, handed me 5000 rupees and said, “Keep this. Spend them wisely. Work hard. You’ve a bright future waiting ahead. All the best.” I said thanks to him and after that I never looked behind. I was admitted to a school and I was always the topper. Whenever I got the prize, I used to go to that station master. He used to take me to restaurant and then give me 1000 rupees. Then I went for college and ultimately met you. Life has been a lot good after it.”

Ishan: “You went through so much in life. I’m so happy for you. I’m feeling very lucky to have you.”

Garima: “Me too.”

Ishan: “You still meet that station master?”

Garima: “Often. Last time I met him when I got the job letter here.”

Ishan: “Delhi have such beautiful souls. Isn’t it?”


Garima smiled and said, “Yeah, yeah. I love them.”


Ishan: “And so, with the end of your story, it is the end of our journey too. We’ve arrived.”

Garima: “You live this close to the restaurant and still you were late.”

Ishan: “Sorry Love.”

Garima: “You’re ridiculous.”


Garima got off the car, Ishan followed her, and took her to the flat. She went inside the flat and went straight to the bed.


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