The Diaries – Chapter 02

The Diaries – Chapter 02

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Every class has some unique creature I too had some unique creatures in my class. Some unique creature like those studious students, those players, that hyperactive guy, that guy who think highly of himself, that he can do anything, those girls who think that they are very pretty, those chatter boxes, those stud guys, those totally careless guys who don’t care about anything, those guys who didn’t cared about any girl of the class, that guy who abuses a lot, that guy who is known for his creative and Innovative cuss language, some very stupid guys and those stupid guys who have attitude too.


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Today I am going to tell you about the guy who belonged to the last category mentioned, the guy who’ve attitude in addition to stupidity. He always Amazed me, he was just unrespectable, you can’t ever guess what he is going to do. He was very fond of playing cricket and he usually used to challenge other classes and some of our classmates too. And every time he lost. I can’t remember any game in which he won, but still he used to challenge everyone. He was KRK but he thought of himself as SRK. Okay, am sorry, he wasn’t even KRK. We were classmates for 2 years of high school. I don’t know how I tolerated it but somehow I managed to be in the same class and I passed the high school. In the high school examination he got around 60%, more than what everyone expected from him because you know even his accent, the way he used to speak English was way different. Everyone in the class used to speak normally, like they speak Hindi. He was okay in Hindi but whenever he used to speak English, he tried to get a British accent and a Bihari trying to get a British accent is way to irritating and way too funny. Every time he used to speak English he had his mouth wide open, don’t know why I guess it helped him get that fake British accent but no one was able to get the exact reason. He wasn’t anywhere close getting a British accent and wasn’t speaking normally too, so he was stuck in the middle, which is known as a “chutiya zone”.

After our board exams everyone from science give entrance exams to get in different courses in medical, paramedic, or engineering fields. The biggest engineering exam of India is JEE. Almost everyone from my class appeared for JEE. And the results were out in a month. We were just out of the school and everyone was still in touch with each other. So he messaged each and every one of my group (we are a group of 7 guys still together in touch) except me, because I didn’t appeared for the exam because my brother is an engineer and now I don’t want to be an engineer. So he message those guys asking them their marks and those guys told him their are marks and and it was obvious that they will ask his marks in return, but that moron told them different marks, like to the four guys he told four different marks. To one guy he said that he got -32, to the other he said that he got 88, to third he told 78 and to the fourth he told that he didn’t appeared for the exam. And when we all got go know about this we were just wondering that how the fuck can someone be so stupid to act like this. So at first we laughed like hell at him but then I thought that this should be treated accordingly. So we took the screenshots of the chats, made a collage and posted it on Facebook on his timeline. That thing still remain on the top of the most exciting and the funniest things I’ve ever done on social media. After posting it we were and as expected, he burst out, he started abusing us and the group started replying to it. (P.S. We still are masters in abusing and innovative abusing). I wasn’t abusing him at that time because I was busy laughing at him. I was just enjoying the things said to him. That they still remains one of the most memorable days of my life. After sometime he deleted the post but till then we had taken screenshots of everything. We then shared the collage on our timelines but it wasn’t that funny now. The fun of those comments was missing now. Whenever I meet my gang we remember those screenshots and laugh like hell over the fact that how can someone be so stupid to act like this. We are amused over the fact that he still got the same attitude in him. He haven’t even changed. He still is a fucking asshole. He was that guy who dropped a whole year for the preparation of medical exams and is now pursuing BTech computer science engineering from a private college. He taking computer science engineering makes me laugh because in XI standard he first opted for the fifth subject as Computer Science, then after 15 days he said that he isn’t understanding anything in computer science so he took Biology. After another 15 days he said that he isn’t getting anything in Biology too, so he came back to computer science and after another 15 days he said that Biology was better so he got back to biology.

He is great. He possess a unique level of stupidity and thus to honour him we usually refer idiots first as stupid, then moron and then as him (can’t reveal the name).


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