Beauty Lies In The Face

Beauty Lies In The Face

So guys, here goes my next work, a poem this time. Hope you all like it.
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People with a nice face
are beautiful,
And people with not so good face
are ugly.
This is what was taught to us
in school, in the age which was very early
to understand such things.

We grew up, started having
a perception.
We thought that what was taught
to us wasn’t correct,
As that teaching was a deception.

We grew up and started thinking
that beauty lies in the heart of a person.
But as I see it now, this thought
is also just an illusion.

Best Friend Dilemma


Your face whether good or bad,
states whether you’re pretty or not.
But beauty is too different,
It isn’t about your looks,
but has a hell lot
of other things.

Your nature, your sense of talking,
your intellect, your understanding,
people in your company feeling warm.
All these things make you beautiful,
and this beauty gives you a charm.

A charm that’ll always be on your face.
A charm that’ll always flow.
A charm that’ll light up your face.
A charm that’ll always glow.

So try to get that charm,
Try to be beautiful.
May be one day you’ll not be pretty,
But you’ll always be cheerful.

Thank you.

Hey, have you ever met any such person who is truly beautiful? Or any person who is pretty/handsome as well as beautiful? Have you? Well, I’ve. Plenty of them. My friends ❤. Out of those people, there are 3 ladies who are both pretty and beautiful. First, my mother, she is absolutely an angel, my lifeline. Second is my sister, Vidhya. She is the most annoying and loving person I have. And the third one is my best friend, Pragya. Pragya and me are together for about 3 years now. And she is a bit annoyed with me these days :P. But whatever be the situation, these 3 are always with me, selflessly. And that’s why I Love them a lot.

Share it with the people who are beautiful.

Thanks for reading.


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