The Diaries – Chapter 01


The Diaries – Chapter 01

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 The Game Of Kabaddi

I used to study in DTEA senior secondary school. I was a science student and my class being the science class of the school was supposed to be a very sincere class but it was not true we were not at all sincere, instead we were the class that got scolded more often by the teachers then the arts section too. The teachers there literally hated us and every now and then they used to go to complaint our class teacher about our behavior, but our class teacher was a nice person, she never scolded us of these things as she knew that we only got some time to enjoy in the school, rest of the day we were busy with studies.

I have some of the most happening incidents in school related to Kabaddi. I had a very hyperactive classmate and his name was Bhaskar Pandey. He initiated the game of Kabaddi for us and in fact for whole of the school. At first we were 7 guys but soon our whole class joined us. We were not a big class. The science section consists of Medical and non medical students and combining them we were just a class of 26 out of which 7 were girls and we were only 19 boys. Out of those 19, 13 to 14 guys used to play Kabaddi. We were often invited by other classes to play Kabaddi with them and we used to refuse by saying that “Hum baccho ke sath nahi khelte“(We do not play with kids). Soon other classes starting play Kabaddi by watching us.

I have lots and lots of incidents related to this Kabaddi game. There was this guy in my class, his name was Aditya Singhal and he was the person that was involved in every sport played in the school, be it cricket or football or Kabaddi. He was always the first one to raid in his team and most of the time in his raid, he used to get his clothes torn. And that is true, most of the time he used to go to his house with his clothes torn.  Sometimes he got his pants torn, sometimes his shirt. One day, during his raid, he got all of the buttons of the shirt ripped apart and we went to the PT Teacher who was a very Friendly Guy and told him everything and he said okay, take to this T-shirt and for the next half of the school he was roaming in the school with a T-shirt on. He was not in the uniform and every teacher used to stop him and ask him what is he doing and where is his uniform, what happened to him and every time he got stopped we use to laugh hard. Our class teacher was also laughing on this incident.

We had a guy called Shailesh Jha in our class. He was not one of those player types, he was a simple guy not related anywhere to Athletics but still being in our group he used to play with us. One day me and my friend Navneet, were in the opposite team and everyone else in our team were out and Shailesh came to raid. Navneet just asked my permission to push him and I told him that as soon as he is 5 steps in of the crease, push him. And as soon as he took 5th step inside our area, Navneet ran and pushed him hard. Shailesh got down on the ground. He wasn’t lying on the ground but was in a position of sitting comfortably. He had fallen just short of the crease, the line which he needed to touch and he could have touched that easily as it was just half a feet behind him. But he choose to do something different, something no one can expect. He started looking at Navneet with an expression like “tune bhai ko Dhakka mara” (You pushed your brother). It was such a genuine expression of betrayal that we were laughing our asses off. Navneet ran another time and pulled his leg once again and so that he cannot touch the line. And he was out, but we were laughing our asses off. We had a very fun time of those 30 seconds. Those 30 seconds were the best 30 seconds anyone of us could have ever experienced in our Sporting life. It was the funniest game I can ever have in my life of any sport and that’s the best memory with me related to a sport. Whenever we guys meet now after school, we couldn’t resist laughing our asses off on this incident. That guy Shailesh Jha, is nowhere to be known by any guy in our school. He lives in the same area as I do but I don’t know where he lives. The phone numbers he gave in my class all went wrong numbers and no one knows where is he and what is he doing now and how can we meet him now. God knows that if we can meet him again anytime in the future, but one thing is for sure that he has given me a moment that I can laugh at any time in my life.


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