Best Friend Dilemma

Best Friend Dilemma

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A best friend is person
with whom we share everything
Not known for long,
But connected by a string.

For introverts, being someone’s best friend
isn’t a feeling but a designation.
For, those shy nerds get a person
to talk, share and remove their isolation.

We think that we’ve got a bestie now,
and that is all we need.
But this isn’t the truth right?
And it often gets people mislead.

For no one is gonna stand by you,
No one is gonna stay,
No one is gonna share your sorrows,
No one is gonna show you the right way.

No one is gonna understand you,
No one is gonna be there today,
No one is gonna hold you when you need.
Coz at last, everyone is gonna betray.

But we still have Best Friends. Don’t we?
So, according to me, having a best friend
is almost like a committed relationship.
A mixture of things we need, like a blend.

Having a best friend is like a same sex marriage,
without the sex.
But we’ve a social sanction, fb backing us,
which have no ill-effects.

One thing I’ve realized is that
having a best friend doesn’t change how we look at people.
Everything remains the same, we just start,
making one person important and rest all equal.

But I don’t think it’s good.
And may be that’s why I don’t have much friends too.
I don’t think having a best friend will change
anything in my life. Do you?

P.S. : Lucky are those people who’ve really got such caring and honest people as friends in their lives.


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