Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 7


Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 7

Hey guys, here is the next part of the much loved story Where Hearts Meet Brains. Hope you love this too as much as you’ve loved the other parts.

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 DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Shut up Anshul” His dad shouted on phone.

No dad, I can’t” Anshul replied.

So what I say doesn’t matter to you now. Isn’t it?” His dad said.

Anshul: “No dad. It isn’t like that.”

It is son. You’re now disobeying your parents for that girl with whom you haven’t even spent a whole year.” His dad played the emotional blackmailing game, as all the other Indian parents do.

But dad… She is very nice. At least meet her once.” Anshul requested.

“No. My decision is final. You’ll marry Gupta ji’s daughter. And that’s final.” His dad shouted again.

Anshul got frustrated, but kept calm and said “So it’s your final decision. Isn’t it?”

Yes.” His dad said with a sense of winning.

Okay dad. But my final decision is that I’ll marry only Sneha. I love her. I’ll marry her. I’ll be with her. You can’t get us separated.” Anshul shouted and hung up the call.

Such fights between Anshul and his parents had become a part of his life since the day he asked their permission for their marriage. Sneha always listened to these quarrels and used to cry, but never let Anshul notice that. Her parents had agreed for their marriage, as for them, their daughters happiness was superior. But as the days passed, the fights between Anshul and his parents increased. Sneha started getting very tensed because of that and slowly she started getting fever. She didn’t took proper care of herself and hence those fevers became frequent.

After a month, her fevers slightly reduced. But on the night of 13th October, the fight between Anshul and his father grew big. Anshul’s voice was audible even from outside the flat.

Don’t say anything against her dad. Enough is enough.” Anshul shouted at the top of his voice.

“Is this what we’ve taught you? You’ll talk to your father like this. Is this what that girl did to you?” His father shouted at an even louder voice.

Dad please stop including her in everything. She isn’t like that.” Anshul pleaded.

Then what is she like that. She made you this much senseless that you’ve forgotten how to talk to your father. That girl has bewitched you. And you mark my words, she’ll betray you some day.”

Anshul hung up the call. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Sneha came to his room. Anshul went down to his knees in front of her, held her hands and started crying. Sneha tried to stop him but he kept on regretting for what his parents said and kept on crying. That night, Sneha didn’t slept, instead she made up her mind to solve all this, the problem between Anshul and his parents. Anshul didn’t talked to his parents after that day. He started thinking of the perfect gift to give to Sneha on her birthday, 20th October. Sneha thought and thought and at last she was left with only one solution to this problem; get a place in the hearts of Anshul’s parents. So she booked her ticket to Gwalior on her mother’s name so that she couldn’t be tracked. And after a week, on her birthday, Anshul proposed Sneha, but she refused and left Mumbai. She took every possible step so that she doesn’t get tracked by anyone, as in case if she fails to impress his parents, Anshul may forget her and get over her soon.

Sneha got a job in a small private company in Gwalior near Anshul’s home. She started living at his house with his parents as a paying guest. She slowly started getting involved in their lives, helped his mother in her daily chores on her off days. She remained as she was, and made his parents love her. She was just perfect. She had a heart of gold. A girl that always paints a ray of sunshine all over her face and spread the light of happiness. Her eyes were as beautiful and deep as an ocean. Her personality serene; always ready to help out others. She was a gem of a person.

Anshul’s parents liked her a lot. They called Anshul to take a break and come to Gwalior. And Anshul planned his trip for the next week. In the meanwhile his parents asked Sneha if she would marry Anshul. And Sneha, after a few questions said that she’ll decide it after meeting Anshul.

After a week, Anshul came back to Gwalior. After having rest in the afternoon his parents went to talk to him.

Now relaxed?” His mom asked.

Yes Maa.” Anshul replied.

So what have you thought about your family?” His dad asked.

Oh God! When will this guy understand that how to start a conversation.” His mother thought.

As soon as I am able to save enough to buy a house in Mumbai, I’ll call you two there to stay with me.” Anshul replied.

Dad:No. I am asking about you building a family. Your marriage.

Anshul:I haven’t thought about marriage yet.

Dad: “We’ve selected a girl for you. You two are going on a date tonight.

“No sense of talking” his mother thought.

No way dad. I’m not going to any date with any girl. Have you just called me here for this?

Dad:See Anshul. I know you love that girl. But she has left you. Forget her and move on. I insist you, this girl Sneha, she is a nice girl.

Anshul’s eyes sparkled as he listened that name, Sneha. “Okay, I’ll go.” Anshul said in a low voice, hiding his excitement.

The old man’s tricks works” his mother got amazed.

Dad(looking towards his wife): “What? You said something?

No. Nothing.” His mother relied, “Go get ready son. We’ve booked a table for you both at The Mansingh Restaurant. Time is 8 in the evening. She’ll be coming there directly from her office.

Anshul went up and hugged both of them. Finally after a long time, the family was together and happy.

Anshul was on the table at 7.30 PM, waiting for Sneha. Anshul had a small ray of hope, but wasn’t sure of his reaction if she was any other girl.

Anshul was continuously thinking about it and suddenly he noticed that Sneha entered the restaurant. He just wasn’t able to think anything. Tears rolled down his cheek. He was just looking at her coming in and sitting in front of him. She too had tears in her eyes but she was controlling them.

Mom and Dad are ready for our marriage now Anshu.” Sneha said with tears in her eyes.

You left for this?” Anshul asked while sobbing.

Yeah. I’m really very sorry Anshu, I didn’t wanted to be a reason for creating a gap between you and your parents. That’s why I came here to take a chance and impress them. And I’ve succeeded Anshu. We can marry now.” Sneha said excitedly.

Anshul had a large smile on his face. He stood up and hugged Sneha. They remained in that position for sometime. They had tears in their eyes. They were holding each other like they’ll never let go. They were together at last. 

That’s how it was meant to be.
“Love isn’t about finding the right person, it’s about finding a person who can make things go right.”
“A person who truly loves you will make every possible effort to be with you.”
“True blessing is having a person who understands you like nothing else.”
The End…

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