Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 6


Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 6

Hey guys, here is the next part of the much loved story Where Hearts Meet Brains. Hope you love this too as much as you’ve loved the other parts.

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Anshul was in utter shock, those words went on him like a thunderbolt.

Anshul(stammering) : “Ca… Ca… Cancer..

Doctor: “Sir, I said that she searched it. Google has this unique property. Search any illness you are having, even if it is just a pimple, search about it and you’ll always end up on cancer.

Anshul had a sigh of relief.

Anshul: “Hell! You scared me sir!

Doctor (laughing): “Oh! I’m sorry.

Anshul: “So she was fine? Nothing serious?

Doctor: “Absolutely not. Actually she has a weak Immune system. And it was a viral infection, I didn’t wanted to go for a heavy dose at first, but since it didn’t worked, I gave her heavy doses. After a week she complained about vomiting. So I did some tests and the reports are fine. She was absolutely fine when we last met on 28th.

Anshul: “Thank God!” After a pause, “Thank you sir. That was very helpful.”

Doctor: “You are her husband?”

Anshul: “FiancĂ©.”

Doctor:Okay! Congrats man, your fiancĂ© is absolutely fine.”

Anshul (smiling): “Thanks Sir.”

Doctor: “Don’t forget to invite me to your wedding mister.”

Anshul (smiling): “I’ll surely invite you sir.”

Anshul went back to his flat. But since the moment he left the clinic, he was continuously thinking a about her, “She was wasn’t ill, nothing serious to her. Then what else can be the reason for her going like this? Why did she left? Where would she be now? How would she be now?

But all of his questions were unanswered. Only Sneha can answer all of them, but she was nowhere to be found.

From these 2 days Anshul was suffering from a pain, a pain from which people suffer when their loved ones leave them, without any reason, without letting them know, just leave, to a place where they can’t be found by them. They leave them in pain; a pain which they don’t deserve. They make them question their love and care, and them suffer from this separation. Sneha did the same to Anshul.

There was no one who could answer Anshul’s questions and he had no clue whatsoever about it. But he was determined to find answers to his questions, find Sneha.

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Anshul never skipped his office after that day, he was more dedicated to his work now. For him, it was the only way to stop himself thinking about her. He was living alone in that 2BHK flat now, as it had those last few things that were left with him that belonged to her. After reaching home, Sneha was everything he used to think about. But he wasn’t like any of those Aawara Ashiques (the broken heart lovers) who use to cry over their lovers leaving them; instead he was always thinking of her, sometimes those happy memories they shared, sometimes about the possible reasons of her leaving like that, sometimes of the possible places she would’ve gone. He putted in every possible effort to find her out; called her parents, her friends in her hometown, checked out train and plane reservations of 21st and 22nd October in her name, but nothing worked. She left in a way that she can’t be found by anyone, such a smart girl she was.

Rohan was the only guy Anshul used to talk to now.

Rohan: “So it’s final, you can’t get over her?”

Anshul : “No.”

Rohan: “Are you sure?”

Anshul: “Yes.”

Rohan: “Okay. So, got any hint of her?”

Anshul: “No.”

Rohan: “But you’ll continue your search?”

Anshul: “Yes.”

Rohan: “These aren’t those 1 mark questions which you need to answer in 1 word.”

Anshul looked at Rohan for a second and then they both laughed.

Anshul: “I never used to answer those in 1 word. Teachers always scolded me for that.”

Rohan: “So you’re trying to cope up for that now?”

Anshul: “May be.”

Rohan: “So, what are you planning to do now?”

Anshul: “Finish lunch, and back to work.”

Rohan: “About her?”

Anshul: “Continue my search..”

Rohan: “Hmm… I guess you’ll soon become eligible to apply for the post of ACP Pradyuman in CID.”

Anshul: “You’ll be my Freddie then.”

Both laughed and went back to work.

Rohan was always an appreciator of Anshul, but during these days, he has become his fan, as Anshul never let those feelings of rejection and loneliness get over him, occupy his mind and affect his work. Rohan always helped him in every possible way, talked to him, took him to parties, used his sources to know about the ticket reservations. Anshul always said that he would’ve broken up if Rohan wasn’t there, he is indeed a true friend.

After they got free from their work and we’re about to leave, Rohan asked Anshul, “Got any new idea?”

Anshul very calmly replied, “Look my friend. Ideas are like sperms, there are so many of them, but only 1 works.”

Rohan (laughing): “So you haven’t got your sperm that’ll work.”

Anshul: “Exactly.”

Both laughed and went back to their home.

After having dinner, Anshul started generating more sperms, not masturbation, he started thinking, since ideas are like sperms.
What can be the reason of her departure? She wasn’t ill too. She wasn’t angry from me. We were quite happy. She was even talking about our marr… MARRIAGE…”

He had got another sperm now…

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