Where Hearts Meet Brains- Chapter 5


Where Hearts Meet Brains- Chapter 5

Hey guys, here is the next part of the much loved story Where Hearts Meet Brains. Hope you love this too as much as you’ve loved the other parts.

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Sneha went into the manager’s cabin.

Sneha:Excuse me ma’am. Here is my resignation letter.”

Manager:What? Why? What happened Sneha?”

Sneha:Nothing ma’am. I’m just too bored living in this city. I wanna leave.”

Manager:Are you sure?”

Sneha:Yes ma’am. Also mam, I’m leaving tomorrow. So please prepare my experience certificate today itself and I’ll collect it from your place tomorrow morning.”

Manager:Ok. Sure. I will.”

Sneha left the office without even looking at Anshul. She then went to their flat and started packing her belongings. She packed her things in 2 bags and then left. No letter, nothing. She had booked her train ticket for the 21st evening, so she had to spend the night of 20th October, her birthday night, all alone, in a hotel room. She broke her SIM card so that no one can contact her.

Anshul reached his flat at 7. He was all broken. After he reached her bedroom he found out that she has left. He stood there, still, no idea what to do now, looking at whatever was left there. He sat on her bed and now being unable to control himself, he broke out. He started crying, crying his heart out. He was spending the birthday night of the love of his life all alone, just crying and thinking about her.

Next morning, he woke up, was feeling very tired because of that leakage in his eyes last night. He prepared his breakfast and headed towards his office.

During lunch, his friend Rohan came to talk to him.

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Rohan:You ok now Anshu?”

Anshul:You think so?”

Rohan:Absolutely not. So what else have you done last night apart from crying “

Anshul:How come you know about that?”

Rohan:Look at yourself man. Looks as if you were sick for days. Your eyes have swollen up.”

Anshul:Yesterday was horrible man. I got caught by traffic police too.”

Rohan:What for?”

Anshul:Over speeding.”

Rohan:Are you crazy? Why were you driving like that?”


Rohan(Interrupting): “No Anshu. It’s not done. You can’t do this.”


Rohan(again interrupting):No. Whatever you say, I can’t agree with you on this. You just can’t justify this.”

Anshul:But listen…”

Rohan(interrupting again):No. Promise me that you won’t do that again.”

Anshul: “But Ro…”

Rohan(not letting him speak):promise me.”

Anshul:Buddy listen.”

Rohan: Ok say.”

Anshul:My bladders were bursting dude.”

Rohan gave a still look at first and then started laughing.

Anshul:Yes. You know that I take that shorter way to go home and there isn’t a single public toilet on that way. So I was rushing. And they stopped me. They were laughing too when I told them the reason.”

Rohan(laughing):Hahaha! Oh god!”

Rohan and Anshul were having a hearty laugh. In the meantime, the manager came.


They looked at her.

Manager:I heard about what happened yesterday. I tried to call you, but your phone was switched off.”

Anshul: “Actually ma’am, I was very sad and tensed, so I forgot to charge my phone. But what happened? Why were you calling?”

Manager:Sneha came to meet me this morning. She has left this company and had came to take her experience certificate. I guess you missed your opportunity to meet her.”

Anshul(smiling):My stars aren’t good I guess. As fate would have considered. But has she discussed about why and where is she going?”

Manager: No. She just said that she is bored of this city and wanted to leave. That’s it.”

Anshul:Ok mam. Thanks.”

Manager:Take care dear.”

Rohan: “What next Anshu?”

Anshul:Let’s see what happens next.”

Anshul returned to his flat in the evening. He was somewhat calm now. After having dinner, he started thinking about what to do next. He started searching Sneha’s cupboard to see if he can get some clue about it.

In one of her drawers he found a bag full of unopened items.

Anshul:Shopaholic girl.

Sneha used to shop a lot, but didn’t opened most of those items. The bag was a proof of that.

In another drawer he found some medical papers of her; prescriptions, reports and all such documents. From those documents, he got the address of the doctor.

Anshul thought, “Does she have some serious disease? Is it the reason for why she left?”

He went to the doctor next day.

Anshul:Sir, I wanna inquire about a girl that was coming to you for the past month.”

Doctor:Yes. Say. What’s her name?”

Anshul:Sneha. She was having frequent fevers for the past month.”

Doctor:Yes, yes. I remember.”

Anshul:What actually was her problem Sir?”

Doctor: “She was having frequent fever. I guess she searched it on internet and was very worried in the last meeting.”

Anshul:What? Searched what Sir?”

Doctor: That frequent fever is a symptom of Blood Cancer.”

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