Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 4


Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 4

Hey guys, here is the next part of the much loved story Where Hearts Meet Brains. Hope you love this too as much as you’ve loved the other parts.

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

They are together for 8 months now, and are just inseparable. They understand each other like they have been together for years. 

Since the past 1 month, Sneha started having frequent fevers. As she has always been a careless girl, Anshul found a flat and they both moved in together so that Anshul can now take proper care of her.

Since the day they’ve both moved in, Anshul has changed his daily routine. The lazy lad now wakes up at 6 in the morning, prepares breakfast for both of them, wakes Sneha up, makes her eat the breakfast, then go to office. He manages some of Sneha’s work when she isn’t able to come to office. In the evening, after coming back from office, they both prepare dinner. Whenever they get time, they go to the Marine Drive beach and enjoy the soothing winds.

One Sunday evening, Anshul came to Sneha’s bedroom.

Anshul: How are you feeling now?

Sneha: “Much better than morning.”

Anshul: “What are the doctors saying? Why are you having frequent fevers?

Sneha: “They have done some tests. Reports will be out in a day or two.”

Anshul: “Good! Wanna go out? Beach?”

Sneha: “Yeah sure Baby!”

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They sat together on the beach. The flowing rainy breeze was soothing. Sneha always felt calm and relaxed here. That’s why Anshul always took her there in their leisure time.

Anshul: “Sweety..”

Sneha: “Hmm..”

Anshul: “You once said about your dream wedding. Like how every girl has a dream how her wedding day must be… And how you wanted to dance with your groom on your wedding day… like its the last day on earth. The color of sarees for each occasion, pics of which you still have in your phone, jewels, stage setting, food, photography…”

Sneha(smiling, thinking how he remembered a 6-7 month old conversation): “Yeah..”

Anshul: You know right I can’t afford such a lavish wedding.”

Sneha understood where he was going. She intertwined her fingers with his and lay her head on his shoulder.

Sneha(looking far off into the sea): Yes. But that was a dream with a faceless man. Now we may not have a lavish wedding, but with you I know I’ll be dancing in your arms everyday in our home. Each day will be a dream with you. A dream where we’ll fight, laugh, cry, play, drive each other madly crazy…
(looking into his eyes) How a marriage happens doesn’t decide happiness. How we live after that make the day of marriage memorable. I dream of us after marriage, still being best friends, having each other till the end.”

Anshul kissed her forehead.
They sat together for some more time, hand in hand, enjoying the sunset.

Next day was as usual. Anshul followed his routine, but had started planning for Sneha’s birthday which was on the next day. Sneha wasn’t going to office that day as she had an appointment. In the evening, Anshul came back home late. Sneha had already prepared the dinner. On the table he found a note, “Going to sleep. Have taken the medicines. Love you.”

Next day when Sneha reached the office, it was fully decorated and as soon as she entered, everyone started wishing her Happy Birthday.

And there he was, Anshul, down on his knees. He single handedly arranged all this.

Anshul: “Happy Birthday Love. Don’t get surprised, this is nothing against the care, love and happiness you’ve given me. We’ve been together for just 8 months yet, but it already feels like eternity. You’ve become an inseparable part of my life. I never thought​that things will turn out this way; I never even had the idea that I’ll be like this. But you’ve changed me. Thank you for everything. I just want you to be with me always. I promise I’ll never let you be alone or sad. I promise to be with you till the end. So, will you marry me Sneha?”

Sneha(with a firm voice):NO.

And she left to the manager’s cabin.
Those words were a thunderclap for Anshul.

After coming out from the manager’s cabin Sneha left the office, without even looking at Anshul.

Anshul was broken. He hardly stopped his tears in office and left for home early. 

On reaching his flat, he found that Sneha had left. She took her major belongings with her.

He started thinking, “What have I done? Why did she said no? Why have she left? She haven’t even left a note. But why?”

To Be Continued…

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