DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.


The Blind Date

“Come on yar, it’s ridiculous. It’s 7:30 and the blind date was scheduled to be at 7.” Garima almost shouted at her friend over the call.
“What the fuck man! Yeah, I’ll leave in the next 10 minutes.”

Waiter: “May I take your order Ma’am?”
Garima: “Yeah, the guy I am on this date with. Get him soon.”
Waiter: “Sorry Ma’am?”
Garima: “Nothing. I am expecting someone. First let him come.”
Waiter: “Okay Ma’am.”

And then Ishan arrives.

Ishan: “Hey, hey, hey, I’m very sorry. You know this Delhi traffic. I am really very sorry.”
Garima: “It’s alright. Come have a seat.”

Garima was a pretty girl, having large black eyes, silky hair, 5’9″ in height. Though not fair enough, but the charm on her face was priceless. A great sense of humour and pretty awesome conversational skills added to her beautiful nature. She was an orphan, raised in an orphanage in South Delhi since she was 15 and now she had completed her MBA and was successfully pursuing her career. She used to spend her holidays in that orphanage she was brought up in.
Ishan was a fair Punjabi guy, brought up in Delhi. He was 5’11” and was quite muscular, the type of boys girls usually fall for. He was a software engineer in Wipro and was thinking to build his own startup soon.

Ishan: “I’m very hungry. You must be hungry too right?”
Garima: “Yeah. I’ve been waiting for quite long.”
Ishan: “Hey, I told you I’m sorry. I was stuck in traffic.”
Garima: “Mister, will you keep saying sorry or call the waiter. I am very very hungry now.”
“Yeah, wait.” Ishan said, “Waitor..” he called.

Ishan and Garima started looking at the menu card, and they both together said, “Risotto.”

They looked at each other and smiled.
Waiter went to take the order.

Ishan: “So miss..”
Garima: “Garima.”
Ishan: “And I’m Ishan.”

He extended his hand.

Ishan: “So what do you do Garima?”
Garima: “I’ve completed my MBA and I’m working as a Marketing Manager in Wipro.”
Ishan: “What? Are you serious?”
Garima: “Yeah. What happened?”
Ishan: “I am a software engineer in Wipro.”
Garima: “Woah! And we’re meeting here.”
Ishan: “You see, the destiny wants us to meet.”
Garima: “Haha! Yeah, yeah, why not.”

Waitor: “Here is your order Sir.”
Ishan: “Yep. Thanks.”

After 5 minutes Ishan said, “You know that you need to speak on a date right?”

Garima: “Yeah. But it’s my first time and I don’t know what to say.”
Ishan: “Okay. Answer me. Suppose, it’s your 75th birthday. Where do you see yourself?”
Garima: “Umm..”
Ishan: “Come on, fast.”
Garima: “Reading a book, lying on the couch, besides my grandchildren, narrating them the story.”
Ishan: “Woah! So you’re pretty much into books.”
Garima: “Yeah, they’ve been with me in every phase of my life.”
Ishan: “Great.”
Garima: “My question.”
Ishan: “Yeah. Ready.”
Garima: “Umm.. What’s the most heartbroken thing you’ve ever witnessed?”
Ishan: “Don’t laugh at me for this. But, a few days ago, I, with my friend, went to watch Avengers: Infinity War. In the end of the film, Thanos wipes out half of the humanity using the soul stone. Among those, Spiderman was one. Spiderman started feeling uneasy, he went to Ironman, hugged him and said, “Mr. Stark, I don’t want to go.” That was the most heartbroken thing I’ve ever witnessed.”
Garima: “Are you serious?”
Ishan: “Yeah, honestly. I had wet eyes that time.”
Garima: “Wow!”
Ishan: “Next. My turn.”
Garima: “Yep. Ask.”
Ishan: “Are you afraid of ghosts?”
Garima: “Actually, men scare me more.”
Ishan: “Woah! Any harsh experiences?”
Garima: “Many of them.”
Ishan: “You can share it with me, if you like.”
Garima: “May be someday later.”
Ishan: “It means that we’re going to meet after this.”
Garima: “Haha! You’re adorable.”
Ishan: “Yep. I’m.”
Garima: “Shall we leave? I’ve to reach my room now.”

Ishan: “Yeah sure. I’ll drop you.”
Garima: “No. No. It’s alright. I’ll manage.”
Ishan: “Garima come on. It’s not safe here at this hour.”

Garima didn’t seemed to be convinced.

Ishan: “You can trust me miss.”

Garima started thinking.

Ishan: “Okay. You drive the car.”

Ishan took her hand and kept the car keys on it.

Ishan: “Is it okay now?”
Garima: “Take it back Ishan.”
Ishan: “But..”

Garima smiled and said, “Come on Ishan. Take the keys and drop me back home. It’s getting late.”

Ishan smiled. They stood up, Ishan went to pay the bill and they left.

Ishan: “So, what about your family?”
Garima: “I’m an orphan. I’ve been raised in the same orphanage I was telling you about, since I was 15.”
Ishan: “I’m very sorry Garima.”
Garima: “No. Don’t be. It’s alright.”
Ishan: “So, now, when you’ve told me that we’re gonna meet soon. Is there anything about you that I should know?”
Garima: “I’m quite weird at times.”
Ishan: “Everyone is, at times.”
Garima: “I get weird to the extent that you most probably would call me psychopath.”
Ishan: “Oh! Is it? I need to be careful then.”
Garima: “Most probably.”

And they both shared a laugh.

Garima: “And is there any such thing with you?”
Ishan: “No. You won’t call me a psychopath. But, I’m quite open and I don’t think much before speaking. I just say what’s in my heart. And people get offended by that many times.”
Garima: “Don’t worry. I love such people. I won’t be offended.”
Ishan: “Woah! Do you love me.”
Garima: “I love “such” people I said. I referred to a group mister.”
Ishan: “Oh! Alright.”

Garima: “Yeah.”
Ishan: “No problem. You’ll soon be saying that to me particularly.”
Garima: “Haha! Let’s see.”
Ishan: “You’ll see.”

Garima kept smiling and Ishan kept looking at her. There was something attractive in her. She wasn’t the orthodox definition of beauty, but she was redefining it. There was something more beautiful than stars in her smile. Her eyes, the most beautiful pair one can ever see, so calm and so expressive at the same time.

“Anyone can easily fall in love with her.” Ishan thought.

Ishan: “Here. We’ve reached beautiful.”
Garima: “Thank you so much Ishan!”
Ishan: “It’s alright pretty girl.”

Garima passed a smile. She was ready to leave but was hesitant too. She turned back, Ishan was looking at her.

“Can I get a hug?” They said together and then started blushing. They came closer and hugged.

For Ishan, having Garima in his arms felt like heaven. She was the epitome of love for him. And for Garima, she felt a different kind of relaxation and safety in the arms of Ishan.

They both were in that exact position for around 5 minutes when Ishan said, “Garima..”

Garima: “Hmm..”
Ishan: “I can’t hold it in anymore.”

Garima got surprised, stood straight and asked, “What?”

Ishan: “I need to pee. It’s urgent. Any public toilet here?”
Garima: “Hell man! You scared me.”

And she started laughing.

“Hey, it’s not funny.” Ishan said, “Give me the directions.”

Garima kept on laughing and said, “Poor you. There’s no public toilet around here. You can go to the park if it’s really very urgent.”

Ishan: “Where?”
Garima: “Just take the right from there.”
Ishan: “Thanks.”

And Ishan ran to the park. After a couple of minutes Ishan came back, with a sigh of relief. Garima was seemingly controlling her laugh.

Ishan: “Yeah, yeah. You can laugh. I overly embarassed myself.”
Garima: “Poor you Ishan!”
Ishan: “Poor me!”
Garima: “Can I get your phone number poor guy?”
Ishan: “Hell yes.”

Garima takes out her phone and Ishan types his number in it.

They bid bye then.


To Be Continued…


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