Anything For You – Part 1


Anything For You – Part 1

Hey dear, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. I’m here with a new story series, a unique love story, started with an arranged marriage. Hope you all like this too.

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Anything For You


Jahanvi, a village girl born and brought up in a village in Gurugram, Haryana. The main occupation of the people of that village and that of the neighbouring villages was farming and all the girls were just taught the household works like cooking, cleaning, taking care of the cattle, etc. Her father was an educated man, a man of ideals. He was a postmaster in Delhi and was always in favour to educate his children. So, he has admitted Jahanvi to school and convinced others in the village to do the same.
From the starting itself she has deep interest in studies and highly dedicated towards it. She not only did all the household chores, took the cattle out for grazing, bathed them, but also used to walk 2kms to her school and after returning back to home, manage to take out sometime to study. She wanted to fulfil her father’s dream, i.e. “To see Jahanvi as a reputed government employee.” She worked hard also those years and completed her Bachelors in Arts, Bachelors in Education and Masters in Hindi, along with all the routine works that any other girl of the village did.

When she completed M.A. (Hindi), her family started looking for a guy for the marriage. Meanwhile she has started giving exams for various government jobs to complete her father’s dream which was, by then, her dream too. Her preference was to become a teacher, so she gave mostly exams for that only.

After sometime her marriage was fixed with a guy named Samrat, from Atrauli village of Aligarh, UP.

Samrat’s mother died when he was just 10 years old and thereafter his father was least cared for his education. Samrat started to provide tuitions when he was in class 8th to arrange money for his studies. Though his father and other relatives cared the least about his studies, still they put burden on him to take science stream for higher studies as he scored good marks in the 10 standard. This led to the situation of immense pressure over him He was deeply interested in commerce but due to the family pressure he had to opt for science. Still he continued to do hard work and somehow managed to get the degree of Bachelors in Science from the Delhi University. The family pressure and economic conditions didn’t allowed him to continue his studies further ahead. And he started to give tuitions as his full time job. He managed to get his sister married and always took care and look after his father’s health.
Jahanvi and Samrat got married at the time when both of them were struggling hard with their careers. They had worked hard in those 26 years of their life but were unable to shape their careers till now. Both of them were not ready for the marriage but as fate would have considered, two young people, struggling to give shape to their careers, got married.
Jahanvi still continue to appear in many of the exams but she was unable to get the desired results, may be because of the reason that we live in a country where cast is greater than your talent, capability and hard work and her fault was that she was born in brahmin family. Though Samrat was not looking for a job, but was waiting to get economically stable to be able to support his family. But the two people accepted their fate and went ahead to start a new journey together.
Samrat was a part of a careless family and always around careless people, so he never knew what a family really meant. Jahanvi made him understand what a family really means.
They used to live in a single room in a house which was bought by Samrat’s father, but most of the part of it was possessed by his uncles forcefully and his father didn’t opposed that. So he couldn’t do anything except to live there.
He has started builiding his contacts in the locality, which was quite easy for him because of his jolly and lovable nature. On the other hand, Jahanvi did all the household chores and also managed to take out time for the preparation of exams. Both of them were still working to shape their future, but now together.

Samrat helped her in the daily routine household chores whenever he was free so that she can have some more time to study or get time to take rest. She helped him to manage his time, his diet and everything to improve his personality. Two different people, working together and for each other, to get their careers and their economic conditions to be stable.
With those efforts, Samrat…

To be continued…


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