A Day Out..


A Day Out..

Hey dear, how are you doing? Hope all good. I’m here with a new post, about positivity this time. Hope you all like this too.

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A Day Out..


I’ve this very special friend of mine, Krishnan Iyer. We were classmates in high school and then he went to Kerala for higher studies. He is in 2nd year B.tech, and on the Diwali of 2017, he and his friends decided to visit an old-age home.

So they went to a nearby old-age home-cum-orphanage. Initially they started talking with those people and try and making them smile and then they went ahead to serve them lunch. There was an old lady there, who had almost finished her meal when Krishnan went to give her some sweets. She looked at him and said, “Although I’m full, but I’ll still have these sweets or else you’ll feel bad that I accepted whatever your friends served me and I’m not accepting when you’re serving. Come on give me this.

That sweet soul was a mother of 3 sons. Out of those, one is a lawyer, one an entrepreneur and the third is an engineer in a reputed company. Three well settled children and yet she had no one who could take care of her. After her husband died, her neighbors managed to send her to the old-age home. But after all this, that mother didn’t lost her sweetness. She still showers her love on the people who come to the old-age home and treat them as her own children.

After serving them, Krishnan and his friends went to the orphanage. They met, greeted and distributed gifts among the children. “Those children make you forget all your stress and worries for a while, such is a bliss being among them” said Krishnan. They then played with the children and returned back to their hostels in evening with lots and lots of love and happiness with them. Such is the power of positivity and love.

Fana kardo apni sari zindagi apne Maa Baap ke kadmo mai,

Dunia mai yahi vo hasti hai jisme bewafai nahi hoti.

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