Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 2


Where Hearts Meet Brains – Chapter 2

So Guys, the wait is over. Here is the next part of Where Hearts Meet Brains

Link For Part 1 : Where Hearts Meet Brains – Part 1

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

3 months have passed for Anshul living in Mumbai. And in those 3 months, the friendship with Sneha had just grown, the bond had just gone stronger. Anshul and Sneha knew each other very well now. Anshul hid nothing from Sneha, she knew everything about Anshul that how his family transferred to Gwalior from Delhi and then he lived in Delhi with his uncle. After completing high school from Gwalior why he again shifted to his other uncle in Agra. Sneha also told Anshul everything including her last relationship and how things went wrong and she is now left with those ugly memories which sometimes haunt her.
Anshul took a flat near Sneha’s flat so that they can spend more time together. They used to sit together on the Marine drive beach every evening, enjoying the winds, looking at the lovely sunset, admiring the beauty of nature. On every off day they used to go out for lunch.

It’s been two months for her breakup. Now that day Sneha was again in the coffee shop where the seed of her love for Ajay was planted. She could still listen his giggle in light air, the waitress over there who used to serve coffee to them gave her a weak smile, never been once she had come alone to this shop since her love. But the guy, who gave her all the happiness, ripped the plant of love and made his way to another girl. He left her shattered and made her days hell just with one call.

It was Anshul who had always been with her by her side consoling her whenever she’s been at the terrible state of breaking down. He held her from collapsing and made every effort to make her smile.

I am gonna kill that stupid.” Sneha said to herself as she was waiting for Anshul.

Yes, he is the one who asked her to come to this coffee shop, the place where all her sweet memories rested now begin to haunt her.

She bit her lip to avoid crying and waiting for Anshul to come.

Anshul: Hey, good evening.

Sneha:Shut up Anshul, I am mad on you. Why did you make me come here even though you know how I..

Anshul: Hey, hey, hey. Calm down girl. Relax. I know idiot. But I got a surprise for you.

Sneha: (gasping)Surprise? What kinda.. Anshu how come they are bringing cake in coff..

Before she could even finish her lines, a waiter placed a heart shaped cake before her. She was awe struck seeing that. It was her favorite black forest gateau and what caught her attention the most was the words written in the cake using some frosting

for the girl who stole my heart

She couldn’t believe her eyes; before she could figure out what to say, he was on his knees before her.
Till then, keep guessing Sneha’s response. 

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