The New Neighbour

The New Neighbour

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s goes another story in the New Year. I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Hope you all like this too.

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The New Neighbour

I heard two taps on the door.

I opened my eyes and took up my phone. ‘6:04’ the clock showed.

“Go open it, none of my friends would come at this time.” I said to Ankit and slept again.

“Yeah.” Ankit said, but didn’t moved an inch.

One and a half hour later I woke up when a heavy weight fell on my legs.

“Aahh..” I shouted.

Ankit stood up.. from my legs.

“Are you out of your mind? Can’t you see me sleeping? Too much frailty huh? I’ve told you many times not to shake it too much!” I kept shouting at him.

Ankit was expressionless. He stood still, looking towards the window of our room, looking at the opposite building, across the road.

“Ankit?” I called.

He sat down on the bed… and I folded them this time to get saved. A crumbed piece of paper fell down from his hand and a drop of tear rolled down his right cheek.

“Ankit,” I kept my right hand on his shoulder and asked, “What happened damn it? Why are you crying?”

He pointed towards that paper and said, “Read it?”

I took up that paper and read it. I was stunned.

1 week ago

“Damn! I’m getting late, pass on my shirt!” Ankit said as soon as he got out of the bathroom.

“Can’t you wake up on time when you’ve early morning classes! You’re preparing for UPSC dude!! Come on!” I said as I passed on his shirt.

“Yeah.” Ankit replied.

“You can never be on time!”

“Oh bro!” Ankit said, “It’s just.”

“What?” I asked.

I was inside my blanket, it was mid February, slightly cool breezes were making the environment cool in the morning.

Ankit didn’t replied, but I was happy inside my blanket. But then I felt a cool breeze touching the lower part of my back and s chill went throughout my body and I woke up.

“Shut the window damn it! I don’t have class now. Let me sleep!” I said when I saw Ankit standing near the window.

Ankit didn’t move an inch and kept looking out.

“Ankit!” I called, but he didn’t responded.

I walked up to him and looked out too. On the first floor of the building exactly opposite to ours, on the other side of the road, there was standing a girl who was getting ready looking in the hand mirror. She applied lipstick, then tied her ponytail, leaving a few strands to form a part of her triangular jaw. She wore a lose red T-shirt and the guy with me who was buttoning his white shirt in the wrong order was losing every bit of him then.

As soon as she tied her ponytail she looked above the mirror towards the guy who buttoned-up his shirt in the wrong order.

A Heart Breaking Love Story : One Sided Lover

As their eyes met, Ankit got confused and started turning the pages of “Quantum Mechanics”. When he looked out of the window after a moment, she wasn’t there.

Ankit turned back and looked at me with disappointment shouting out loud from his eyes.

“Do I’ve to teach you everything? Why did you got confuse? You must say hi to her or wave to her.” I said.

“I suck at it!” He said.

“Go you’re already late for the class, as always!” I said and went back to my bed.

Ankit came back in the evening while I was on my table studying Quantum Mechanics. He entered the room and came straight to the window to look for her.

“Dude, are you serious?” I said when he was all over me to look out.

“Oh! Sorry! I was just wondering if she was there or not.” Ankit replied.

“Do you seriously think a girl would wait for a guy who buttons up his shirt in the wrong order?” I asked.

“Umm.. no.” He said and then went to the bathroom.

“Yeah! That’s where you belong mate!” I said and smiled.

Next Morning

“Damn! I’m getting late. Give me that T-shirt.” Ankit said.

“Why are you hurrying dude? Have you ever been on time?” I said.

“Come on Adi, pass me that T-shirt no.” He said.

I passed him the T-shirt and went back to sleep. But 5 minutes later a chill ran through my spine, I found a loophole in my covering and as I turned to the other side I saw Ankit standing by the window.

I got up and went near him. That girl was there, wearing a Red Shirt today. She tied her ponytail, tapped her hair and then looked up the mirror towards our window.

Ankit was dumbstruck again. He started panicking, but I held his hand and lifted it and said, “Smile and say hi!”



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