Crosswords – Chapter 2


Crosswords – Chapter 2

DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s I go after a long time. But this one is gonna be worth the wait! Hope you all like this too.

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Crosswords – Chapter 2




Priyanka’s phone rang, a call from an unknown number.

“Hello?” Priyanka said.

“Hello Priyanka! I’m taking from Dwarka police station.” The voice on the phone said.

“What? But why?” She asked.

“Mam, calm down, your husband is here and he has told me to call you. Just come asap.” Ankit said.

“Yeah I’m coming.” She said and left for the police station.


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The 15 minute journey from her home to the police station was proving to be the biggest journey. As she reached the police station, she saw that a crowd of not less than 50 was gathered. Media vans were also there. Her eyes were scanning the crowd, and there he was, Ankit, standing on the left of a Sub-inspector. As she started walking towards him, she saw 6 people sitting ahead of the SI and Ankit and Ankit’s friend Krishnan was also there, on a wheelchair.

Priyanka went and stood in the crowd. Ankit spotted her and signalled her to come to him.

As Priyanka took the place, the Sub-inspector asked Ankit, “Shall we start now?”

Ankit smiled and nodded.

“Hello everyone,” Sub-inspector said, “Yesterday a robbery took place in the State Bank Central Delhi branch. It was smartly planned and execution was also very good. With the help of an IT expert the robbers hacked the cctv system of the bank and disabled the cctvs. But the intrigue was sensed and made unsuccessful by these two smart guys.”

The Sub-inspector pointed at Ankit and Krishnan.

“These two guys, Ankit and Krishnan, showed great presence of mind and ruined the plans of this gang. Krishnan was kidnapped by them and was made to hack the system. Krishnan did as said, but made other plans too. He somehow informed Ankit and Ankit told this to us. Ankit will tell the complete story now.”


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Ankit came a step ahead, passed a smile to the Sub-inspector and said, “I have a habit of solving crosswords. Few days back I started receiving solved crosswords. I thought it was my wife but she wasn’t. I even doubted the newspaper guy.” He laughed, “I am too crazy for that. But after 4 days I realised that the words are having some meaning. These can’t be random because the words were locker, theft, holiday and technology. I sensed intrigue and gave it a thought. I noticed that my friend Krishnan wasn’t coming to office. Krishnan is my childhood friend and he know that I solve crosswords. Then I went to the newspaper printing press and there was a room that was locked. My doubts were getting cleared. Then I went to see which banks in the locality had the locker facility and when I captured enough information and evidences, I went to the SI sir and told him that a robbery is going to happen on Sunday. We started to keep a look at the cctvs of all the listed banks on the Sunday evening. And as expected, the cctv of a bank went off, it was State Bank Central Delhi branch, police rushed to the place and then followed the gang and arrested all the members and got back all the material and cash.”

Everyone stood up and started clapping.

The Sub-inspector said, “I wish all the citizens get inspired from these two guys and develop a good presence of mind. I’ll request the authorities to honor both of them soon.”

Priyanka was smiling, looking at Ankit, that was indeed the proudest moment of her life.


**The End**

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